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Hello All!!!!

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am KraftaholicMommy.


With the wonderful holiday of Halloween approaching, I am always excited to get in the craft room and go nuts. However, this year has been a little bit different. I have not been in the mood. My craft-jo mojo has escaped me. I have about a hundred trick or treat boxes that are still nowhere near finished, a bunch of birthday cards that need to be made, and I have too many crochet projects that are going than I can probably accomplish before 2025, much less having them done by Christmas.


So, I had a thought. While it may be hard to push the mojo back into gear, maybe, I can guide it back in gear. I will be hosting a craft and chat on my KraftaholicMommy Facebook page. This will be a livestream that you will be able to join me, and we can craft together. Have handy your project and PLEASE tell me all about it! We can craft and chat until either we finish a project or Facebook kicks us off. I’m betting you are getting pretty antsy as to when this craft and chat will be…here it is…October 22, 2019 at 9pm EST!


This will be a fun night to come and have a fun chat with me! I can’t wait to see every one of you there.


I will be making boxes for the trick or treats. I will give all the info on these adorable boxes. If you would like to do this box with me there is a printout on Ms. Angie Juda of Chic’nScratch’s website, I will give it a share on my Facebook page. Please note that the only thing that I will be using from that printout is her measurements for the boxes themselves and the how to for putting the box itself together. We will be going over everything that I will be using to decorate the boxes in the livestream. If you forget about this livestream, don’t worry, I will be posting across all my social media, as well as making several posts on here!


So, if you don’t already, head over to and like and follow my page!


I know that I have been away for a while. That is something that I am very sorry for, however, I am back, and I am so excited to share crafts, crochet projects, and recipes with you all once again! So be on the lookout, this KraftaholicMommy is ready to roll!


Thank you,

God Bless,

And Happy Krafting,



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