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Mom’s Cabbage and Sausage Deliciousness

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my mom has shared with me her Sausage and Cabbage recipe. I thought I would share her recipe with you!



Chicken bouillon cubes

Onion, chopped

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder


Can of Salsa seasoned tomatoes or your favorite salsa

Sausage (she uses sweet Italian sausage)

Salt and Pepper to taste


Brown Rice


While your big pot is heating over medium high heat with your knob of butter; chop your opinion. Add that onion and let that sizzle while you chop your cabbage.

Add your garlic powder, onion powder, and salsa or canned diced tomatoes to the pot. Allow these flavors to mingle for a bit before adding your chicken bouillon cubes and water to the pot.

Once the Cabbage has cooked for a little while, add in your brown rice.

After the rice has gotten fully cooked, it is time to dig in and enjoy a delicious one pot meal!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed today’s post! If you did, please let me know by giving this a like, comment, and share so others can join the fun as well! Until next time!

Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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