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Phone Calls- HAHAHA

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

As many of you know, I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I happily homeschool my little man. This has been an adjustment for the past couple of months homeschooling him. In doing so, I remember what it was like to try to talk to anyone with him around.

I want to preface this with saying that this is just joking around about something that usually will send me off the deep end before becoming a mom. I handle things with humor rather than allowing myself to get upset. I know that kids will be kids and they are just going to do things sometimes that make you question your sanity. Why not poke fun at that a little bit?

First off, my mom is a saint of a woman. Everyday she calls when she gets off work to check in with Monkey and I. This is nothing new…literally an everyday event. I don’t allow Monkey to watch very much television, he only gets maybe an hour all day. Most days the television won’t even come on until after 5pm.

I also am not the kind of parent that immediately puts the munchkin on devices to keep them calm or distracted while I do something. I am also not badmouthing or judging parents who do that. Booboo, in the world of trying to keep your sanity and raising a little human, you do what you got to do keep that sanity!

I do let him watch television while I talk to my mom. However, this only lasts for the first five minutes. About the time my mom and I get to talking about something important, BOOOOOOMMMMM!!! Little man has to give his opinion on what life is and ask me seven thousand questions about the meaning of it!

I love this little cute human that my hubby and I created, but STOP!!!!!! Haha! If anyone who doesn’t have kids ever heard me on the phone, they would think I had something wrong with my brain hole. Literally, my conversation the other day with my mom…

Me: Hey Mommy! How was your day?

Mom: It was good, what is my Monkey doing?

*Kid hears his name* Now is a fun time to come ask me about something that isn’t even happening for a few weeks.

Me (all in one breathe): We aren’t doing that for a few weeks, he’s doing good, just playing with his toys at the moment.

My mom is a saint of a woman, I SWEAR!!! She also understands my broken mom language. She was and is able to maintain a conversation with me all while my kid decides that he is going to tell me seven hundred stories and is insistent that I am a judge on a dancing show, where he is the only contestant.

Let’s not forget what happens when I am on the phone with someone else. Anyone else really, but he seems to be at his most distracting when it is an important call.

For instance, I have been looking into dental insurance for he and I. I recently had to call an insurance company to get more information and the conversation was filled with random apologies and “can you repeat that.” By the end of the conversation with the poor soul on the other end of the line, Monkey was over me being on the phone and I was questioning my sanity. I love that he decided to ask me in the middle of the conversation if I knew that his Spider-Man underwear had a spider right on his boy parts. Or if I knew that he could burp and say words at the same time. I adored him telling me that he was going to kill all the zombies in the world while I was trying to figure out prices for root canals. I love that I was maintaining a conversation about copays and a conversation about poop. I enjoyed that at the end of the conversation, the insurance guy told me to have a nice day and that he felt sorry for me. Thanks random insurance guy, I felt sorry for me too in that moment. My brain was fried and apparently God really wanted me to see how fried my brain was because at some point in my note taking for the insurance, I wrote down what Monkey was telling me about animals that poop in pellet form. By the way, it was a goat, goats poop in pellets.

I love being a mom. I love chasing him all around the house, because we are playing cops and robbers. I love that I get to witness how much he is learning in school firsthand. I love that I am the one that he feels that confident in to talk to about anything, including poop. I am just adjusting to a different way of life. My days of dropping him off at school and enjoying working in silence are over for now. I get to write this while he is singing at the desk next to me, doing his worksheet for Language Arts. I am adjusting to phone calls not being a breeze while he is in school, because I am now his teacher and if I get a call, he goes insane!

The funniest and craziest phone call I ever dealt with, with this little one has to be from when he was about three years old. I had gotten a horrible migraine, one of my really bad ones, that leave me drenched in sweat, wishing I had never been born. I took my migraine medication, got him laid down in bed, asleep at that time, and I laid down. Sometime after I dozed off, he woke up. When I would have to take nap in the middle of the day, I would leave my phone on my pillow next to my head. That way if I got a call from my husband or someone else important, I would hear the ring and pick it up.

On this particular day, my little man woke up, came into my bedroom and grabbed my phone. I woke up to him being on the phone with a woman who barely understood English. Why did she barely understand English you ask? Because my sweet munchkin called a woman in JAPAN!!!!!!!! Yes, Japan!!!! I quickly grabbed the phone, apologized immensely and hung up the phone. I quickly called my husband and apologized to him about it. Then I proceeded to be a nervous wreck until the cell phone bill came in.

This bill was going to be massive I told myself. We did not get international on the plan. We were going to have pay a ridiculous amount for a twenty minute phone call to Japan. How on earth did I sleep through twenty minutes of my kid talking on the phone, on my bed, right beside me, to a random lady in Japan!

The bill came in two weeks later. The woman that accepted the call from my kid, accepted the charges. She paid that massive bill to talk to a three year old kid for twenty minutes, while his mother slept off a migraine. I literally looked at that bill, saw that she had accepted the charges, and cried. Back then, money was far tighter for our family than it is now. Over the past three years God has greatly blessed us. While we are by no means rich or completely free of financial worry, God has made our finances improve enough that we are able to do things and pay our bills. That’s all anyone really wants anyways right?

I could not have been more grateful to that sweet lady in Japan for taking those charges. That night at church, I told my parents about that lovely story and they laughed so hard they nearly cried. My dad then told me about some of the crazy things I did as a child.

Now, I can’t help but laugh about that situation and I can’t help but think fondly of that sweet woman in Japan, talking in a baby voice, making my little man laugh so much. I think about her every time I see someone has visited this page from Japan. So, everyday. She is still on my mind and I am still just as appreciative of her today as I was that day three years ago.

There are so many adventures you will go on as a parent. Your child will definitely give you a run for your money from time to time. You will definitely question if you are doing things right, if you are doing a good enough job. If they will look back on their childhood and it bring a smile to their face. If they look back on their childhood and think about how lucky they were to have you as their mom. You are doing a great job! You are an amazing Mommy! You can do it! You can keep going!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed today’s post! If you did, please let me know by giving this a like, comment, and share so others can join the fun as well! Until next time!

Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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