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Such Sweet Sentiments

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

I love leaving my husband little notes. It’s one of my favorite things to do. On a visit to My Favorite Things Store in Eustis, Florida, I found the cutest little sentiments stamp set. It was so adorable and funny that I about ran to the register to buy it as soon as I saw it. I knew that I needed this set to add a little something extra to those notes. I also love working these notes on cards.

While I was in the office, I started playing around with folds. When I give my husband these little cards, I’m wasting an envelope. These aren’t meant to go with gifts, they are simply meant to be found on his desk or on his dresser. I don’t expect him to have to deal with envelopes when it is just going to get propped up on the desk or dresser until my next little note. He is really quite amazing and I love writing that down and giving that sentiment to him as much as possible. I tend to do everything with as much of a flare of humor as possible, so these sentiments were perfect for that.

So, without further delay, let’s get to that supply list and instructions.

Supply List

Base- My Favorite Things Sno Cone 4 1/4” x 7” Scored at 2” and 3” Folded accordion style

For the Front

Black 3 1/8” x 4 1/8”

White 3” x 4”

For the Inside

Black 4 1/8” x 3 7/8”

White 4” x 3 3/4”

My Favorite Things Premium Dye Ink Cement Gray

My Favorite Things Hybrid Ink Extreme Black

Honbay Stamp Set (For the Clouds)

My Favorite Things Sassy Pants Love Stamp Set

Elmer’s Tape Runner

Fiskars Bone Folder

Fiskars Paper Trimmer

Stampin’ Up! Simply Scored Scoring Tool

Tim Holtz Stamping Tool

Wink of Stella Clear 999


First and foremost, I make all of my cuts and I make all of my folds. I used the bone folder quite a bit on this project. When I made this card, wanting to make something with a bit of a fun fold. Now this is not hard, but it will not lay flat if you don’t really get in there with your bone folder. What I did and I will make notes throughout these instructions is I made a point to run my bone folder over those creases to ensure that this card will lay flat. There are also pictures to help you see that accordion style fold.

Now for the stamping. On the larger white piece, I first positioned the stamp. Now, my stamp set for the clouds you see is only one stamp. I cleaned the stamp and repositioned that stamp to get the clouds being together. I stamped two in the top right corner, followed by two in the bottom left corner. **TIP wait until the project is completely finished, before you add your wink of Stella. This will make sure that you are getting glitter all over yourself. It doesn’t have a lot of fall out, but if you are rubbing all over it, it will rub off.**

Once I was finished stamping the clouds, I positioned the sentiment in the center and stamped that sentiment. I would also like to add that I only stamped the sentiment once. If you want a darker more vibrant black, you will want to stamp this twice.

Once those images were stamped it was time to start assembling. I first layered my white pieces on to their matching black pieces.

With adhering these assembled black and white pieces, I decided to start a bit funny, it’ll make sense though once I explain it. I took the piece for the inside of my card and I adhered that to the inside off to the right, leaving about an 1/8” on the top, bottom, and right edge of the card base. Once I had that in place, I was ready to adhere my front piece on the card base. This was also a point that I ran my bone folder over my creases to reinforce them.

I laid my piece down on the front of the card. I lined up the edge of the top piece with the inside piece that would otherwise be visible, without my card front piece. Once those are lined up just the way I want them, I note how much of the piece I will be putting my adhesive on. I found out that when looking on the back of my piece, when it flipped directly over (from right to left), I would be putting my adhesive on the right side. I had about an inch and a half, nearly two to work with. Once my adhesive was down, I placed my front piece to the front of my card base, only adhering to that flap on the front of my card. It was also here that I reinforced my creases to aid with the card laying flatter.

With all of my pieces adhered to their places, I was ready to add my wink of Stella to the clouds to add a little extra to my card.

Now, I am ready to write my message on the inside and hide the card on my husbands desk or dresser.

I would love to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your amazing support! It means so much to me that you all have been spending time on the site and hitting that like button. I want to thank you all for commenting and sharing the site! THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed today’s post! If you did, please let me know by giving this a like, comment, and share so others can join the fun!! Until next time!!

Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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