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Beautiful Birthday

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

One of the things that I find to be in constant need of is birthday cards. I have made a few of them this week to keep on hand as kind of like master copies. This is something that I do often to try and maintain inspiration and being able to create new things. This card was one that I have loved making and I made two different versions. The first version was kind of a bust, to me. I didn’t care for the coloring job that I had done. Also please keep in mind that I do not do a lot of coloring. It is definitely something that I will be working on. I am slowly working on getting a full Copic Sketch set. By slowly, I mean that I have gotten two markers and haven’t had a chance to buy anymore. I currently am the proud owner of RV04 and N4. I love the way they color, but obviously, I am in need of more…watch out My Favorite Things or Michael’s, I will be coming for you! LOL

Now, the inspiration behind this card. Here recently I have been obsessed with two colors, bright pink and a gorgeous teal color. A couple of my girlfriends will be celebrating birthdays next month, unfortunately, they live out of state. So, I wanted to make something bright and cheery to brighten their birthdays. They are like me and love them bright colors. So, I thought I would make a card using the brightest pink I had on hand…enter my Copic Marker.

When I go into the office to start creating cards and designs for cards, I sometimes will play around with the stamps on scrap paper. I wanted to dig into some of my old stamps to freshen up the looks I had done before. So, I started off by stamping some birthday banners that I and coloring them in with that beautiful Copic, but it felt a bit flat for my taste. While looking through my birthday sentiments, I came across a set of balloons. One that was just the outline caught my eye. On a piece of scrap paper, I stamped it originally in My Favorite Things Razzle Berry Premium Dye Ink. Once I colored in the balloon, I thought it was lacking. I added some of my clear glitter Wink of Stella, and thought that there wasn’t enough of a contrast between the outline and the colored center. So, I stamped the outline again using my Extreme Black, using my Copic, I colored in my balloon, and I loved it!

With that being done, it hit me, exactly how I wanted my card to look. I wanted something simple. I didn’t want a fancy fold to take away from the bright bursts of this beautiful Copic. Nor did I want an insanely full designer paper. I wanted the focus to be those adorable balloons.

So, without further delay, let’s get started. When I go over the instructions, I will give you an explanation as to why I chose to change the newer version from the original. I will also give suggestions on a couple of things that I learned through this process.

Supplies I Used

Base- My Favorite Things Razzle Berry 4 1/4” x 11” Scored at 5 1/2”

White (large) (2) 4” x 5 1/4”

Black 3 7/8” x 2”

White 3 3/4” x 1 7/8”

Scrap piece of white for banners

Birthday Celebrations (I got this stamp set a long time ago from JoAnn’s)

My Favorite Things Essential Sentiments Stamp Sets

My Favorite Things Premium Dye Ink- Razzle Berry

My Favorite Things Hybrid Ink Extreme Black

Copic Sketch RV04 Shock Pink


Label Framelit

Sizzix BigKick

Wink of Stella Gold Clear 999

Elmer’s Tape Runner

Elmer’s Mini glue Dots

Park Lane 1/4” Foam Squares

Fiskars Paper Trimmer

Fiskars Bone Folder

Acrylic Mount

Tim Holtz Stamping Tool

Stampin’ Up Simply Scored Scoring Tool

Park Lane Embellishments

White Gel Pen Uni-Ball Signo


First and foremost, I always make sure when I break out my Paper Trimmer, that I make all of my cuts. I lay out all of my pieces to ensure that I have everything that I need. From there, I score my card base and the second piece of white measuring 4” x 5 1/4” gets adhered to the inside of my card. I also take this time to prep my next step, which is my stamping.

Now I get my Tim Holtz Stamping Tool out along with my balloon stamp. I also take out a pretty valuable tool, a pencil. To ensure that my “string” part of my stamps weren’t too long and look tacky with the smaller section of balloons, I made a light line on the white piece. I knew that the height of my black piece was 2” I wanted to make sure that I could come up just a hair from the bottom of the large layer and give a bit of a cute layering effect. Now, to get this I used the ruler long the side of my tool, and a ruler to make a very faint line with my pencil. This gave me a boundary to work with. I was able to keep in mind the rough placement of my layering pieces.

From there, I laid my balloon stamp a tad bit off center of the large white piece. I was then able to stamp my image. I made a point to stamp the image twice, to ensure that my image was nice and clear. I then cleaned my stamp and moved it to either side of my center image.

Taking my smaller white piece, I stamped the first balloon in center. I followed this on either side of the image. I made a point to try and cut off the balloon strings completely. I wanted to have an unobstructed view of the balloons as well as have enough room to place my little banner.

From there, I colored the balloons. With the first balloon, I made a mistake, I only made one pass of coloring on the balloons. With this mistake, I had moved on without realizing just how that single pass of coloring would turn out. When I realized the issue, I was not able to go back and color again. This would have made the balloons look weird, plus I had already had a bit of another mistake on coloring. At thirty years of age, I accidentally colored outside the line. LOL. I laugh about it now, because I thought it was hilarious when I did it. I also knew that these cards themselves are templates, they are not going to anyone. I will be making another one to send to one of my friends. So, making a mistake when creating something new, is par for the course and I love it. The mistakes teach me what not to do next time. Even in the one that I am showing you today has a little tiny blurb on the card and I am okay with the imperfection. It shows the handmade aspect of it.

Now that I had colored all of my balloons, I went back and colored them a second and then third time. I really wanted that concentrated Shocked Pink! That pop of pink truly did give me what I was wanting. I followed this by going over my balloons with my Wink of Stella. I was not completely satisfied. I broke out my white gel pen. I added a couple of little lines in a couple of spots on the first card, that turned out all wrong for my liking on this card. On this card, I only put a single little curved line on the top left of my balloons and that was all it really needed.

When I finished with the coloring, the Wink of Stella, and the gel pen; I moved on to my scrap paper. Rather than using my Tim Holtz Stamping Tool again, I simply put both of my sentiments on one acrylic mount and stamped them with my Razzle Berry ink. Then, Using my BigKick and my framelit, I cut out the sentiments. Using my scissors, I flagged the ends of the pieces. Once I had that where I wanted them, I used my bone folder to bend my paper into a pretty waving banner. I absolutely love how this looks. I know I recently used this on another card, but when I find something that I like, I tend to work it in as much as possible for a good while.

Now, when I worked my first card, I ran my “Birthday Wishes,” die with some of my Razzle Berry cardstock through my BigKick. I placed that on the front of my card and for the dot of the I’s, I placed a cute rhinestone. I liked the look, I just wanted to try something else. I am happy that I did.

Once all of my stamping, cutting, and coloring was complete, I was ready to start assembling the front of my card. I layer my main background piece on the front of my card using tape runner. From there, with my tape runner, I adhered my smaller white piece to my black piece. I added my foam squares to that and adhered the black and white piece to the bottom of the card. I made sure to give a little bit of clearance, allowing the white piece to kind of provide a bit a border.

Putting my glue dots at either end of my banners, I added both of my sentiments to the card as well, as you can see here. When this was finished, I was still looking for a bit more. So, I added rhinestones to my banners. I was still not satisfied, I felt that the balloons themselves were still lacking something. So, I added rhinestones, to make it seem like a little stone was apart of the tie for the balloon. Once I added that little finishing touch, I was finally happy with the results! I truly do love how this card in particular turned out. The slightly worn look of the banners give a bit of contrast for that white on white. I love how popping that little trio of balloons on the bottom up, really gives a bit of dimension to the card.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, please let me know by giving this a like, comment, and share so others can join the fun as well. Thank you all so much for all of your support, it has truly meant the world to me. I hope you make this card and have as much fun with it as I did! Until next time!!!

Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


Feel Free to send me mail!!


P.O. Box 608

Lake Panasoffkee, FL 33538


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