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Starting A New Chapter

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

I know that the title of this post today is not a new one. I have had so many changes over the past year it is insane. I also know that I am going to be starting yet another new adventure in the next few days that I thought I would share with you.

Over the past few months, my husband and I have been talking about making a change in our sons education. This school year has been a test of patience and understanding. I would love to preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of teachers. I love them and I respect them. This is not a reflection on my sons teacher and no, I will not be divulging his or her name.

Our son has been struggling in school. His education is of the upmost importance to my husband and I, we have noticed a bit of an issue with school for him this year. We have tried everything we possibly could in the public school system. Nothing has really worked. Last month, I came across a homeschooling option. After talking for hours on the phone with the representatives and teachers for this school, my husband and I began praying and going over our new found options. We made a decision.

I will be homeschooling our little one. This is a new adventure, one that I am excited to begin. We have purchased him a laptop, he has his own desk. He is excited to begin this new chapter. Monkey will be home with me all the time. I will be able to put him on a schedule that works for him. I will be able to help through the learning blocks that he has been fighting a bit more head on. I will be able to help him with his focus issues and his issues with other things as well. This was not a decision we came to lightly. However, when we made the decision, we knew it was the best one for our little man.

So, what does this mean for the website? I will be talking about homeschooling our little one once a week. I am hoping that by talking about our experience with homeschooling, it will help any of you that are in the same situation that we have found ourselves. I am also hoping that I can share with you how homeschooling works. So, today, I will share what type of homeschooling we are doing and how we got started.

In our state, there is an option for virtual school. It is absolutely free and you are assigned several teachers for your each of your children. Now, with our state, we have two different kinds of school offered with this program. Full time, which is a strict schedule, your child will have to take the standardized tests and if your child graduates from this type of virtual school, they will not have a place to go and walk across a stage for graduation. This was not our choice. We chose the second option, the Flex time.

Flex time allowed us to choose a start date and it gave us the option to start our little over with Kindergarten. He had fallen behind and having this option, we can get him back on track on his pace. This means that as he finishes a subject segment, he simply moves on to the next. With this particular option, we work with both the virtual school and our county school board to help ensure Monkey’s success in school. Once a year, I take his portfolio with some of his work throughout the grade he completes and his current grades to the school board and submit them for review.

With this option, our little is not required to take the standardized tests that the state requires. This means that the anxiety that my munchkin has developed with testing is no longer an issue.

Now, I went online, while on the phone with the virtual school, I filled out my paperwork for Monkey and myself. I, followed that by sending a letter to the homeschool educational board for my county. I formally withdrew my little man from his current school, putting a date for his last day. Once that days comes, he will have a weekend to enjoy himself here at home. That Monday rolls around and he will be starting his new adventure online.

One of the concerns that I noticed my family having was socialization. Our son is our only child. We cannot have anymore. So, the question was raised, how are we going to have him around other kids if he is not in school. This was actually one of the reasons why we made the decision to homeschool him. We would like to have more of an active say in who our son socializes with. We have signed him up for Karate. As sports come into season, he will be signed up for those as well. We are also going to be scheduling a lot more play dates with our family and friends. We also have found several groups of homeschoolers that do get together that will enable that socialization.

My sister-in-law was actually the one who got me to looking into homeschooling. When I came across this option, it had the selling points I already talked about plus one more. If my husband and I decide to allow him back in regular school, he will be up to speed with school. The way the curriculum is with virtual school, it is the same as public school here. The only real adjustment he will have to make is being back in a classroom setting.

So, that’s the big new chapter. It is one that has been long thought about. One that we did not make rashly. We made this decision with Monkey’s best interests at heart. I will be sharing this journey with all of you. I will also continue to share my crafts, recipes, and Christian Sundays as well. None of that will change.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, let me know by giving this a like, comment, and share so others can join the fun as well. Until next time!

Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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