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The Independent Freewill Baptist Church

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!
Today I thought I would share with you about my church. Since it is Sunday and I love going there, I thought I would let you know that our church does have a Facebook page and we stream all of our pastor’s sermons. Feel free to tune in on this morning or any Sunday morning just a bit after 11am EST. I am the moderator for the livestream, so, if you get on the Facebook page and comment, I am usually the one that responds!

The church I attend is the Independent Freewill Baptist Church in Centerhill, Florida. We are a tiny church, barely 25-30 for a Sunday Morning worship. While we are small, we are very blessed with a huge amount of love and support for each other. God has really blessed our little church. We don’t pass around the offering plate, it stays right up front. If you are able to put in, fantastic. If you are not able to, that is great too.

Before I get too deep into the church, I would love to make an admission. I am not going to be unbiased in my opinions about our pastor. I know him better than most of the members of the church, he’s my dad. I knew him before the Holy Ghost finally got through to him. I knew how short his temper was, I knew how he gave my mom such a hard time for taking us kids to church. I know how every bit of that changed the day he accepted Jesus into his heart. I was incredibly blessed to witness him being ordained and the pride I felt went he started preaching. I see how he worships God, not only in church, but home as well. I have seen him go through some insane things and by God’s grace alone, he made it out. I praise God for him reaching down and touching my dad. I praise God for his love and mercy and his unwavering grace. I have learned so much from watching my dad and I am so grateful to have been raised in a house that worships and acknowledges God and his Son.

Now, back to our little church. There is no assigned seating, come on in and sit where you want. No assigned parking, park where you want.

The church has a motto and we live and we all live by it, “Come as you are.” If it is a Wednesday night and you just got off work, smelling like a garbage truck, come on in, we would love to have you. If you are tattooed from head to toe, come on in and sit next to me. We will be happy to see you. We welcome everyone to come hear the word of God.

Word of God, Holy Bible, that’s what we teach. We don’t stray from it and we certainly don’t change it. God has truly blessed this little church in being able to help the community and be there for people when they need it.

I would like to also mention that our church has a prayer book. If you ever need prayer and want a bunch of people for you, drop a comment on any post on this site and I will be sure to add you. Another thing that our church has that isn’t too common is a testimony book. Every Sunday night, after prayer book, we are able to speak about what we are thankful for. My dad writes those testimonies down in a book. It was brought years ago by a member of our youth group that we have a book asking God for things, why not have a book that praises him for answering all of those prayers. Youth, that is another thing that is not exactly usual about our church.

We have Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship, Sunday Night Bible Study, and Wednesday Night Bible study. The youth that attend our church, are right with us in the services. We don’t have a room that we push Mom’s into with their babies either. Munchkin crying? My dad can talk louder. Toddler’s running around? No problem, they may not be acting like they are paying attention, but they are hearing God’s word and that is the most important thing.

My dad has always said that church is about material things, it is about lives changed and souls saved. That is the kind of thinking that has really blessed our church through the years. The beginning of our church was really kind of rocky and definitely something to be proud of overcoming.

Our church was built by a few greats grandfather of mine in the 1930’s. The years since the church was opened and shut down, many times. The church had gotten a pretty deplorable reputation. Until the 1990’s. My family and few people that were dealing with the building for our church being closed, decided to reopen those doors. We worked hard to bring the church to life and we put God first in everything did and continue to do. We went door to door introducing ourselves and letting people know that church was open and ready for visitors. It took some time, but eventually people began to see that our church was not like it was before. When my dad took over as pastor, he was adamant that the church always be open, for every service. I can count on one hand how many times our church was not open on a Sunday or Wednesday. My dad also refused to get paid by the church, he said that it is his blessing to preach there and that God gave him a job that pays his families bills.

I love this church, it is such a beautiful place. People who have come for a visit often say that it like coming home. Is that not what we all want in a church? To be able to come in and feel loved and accepted, to have people that come up to you and give you hug and tell you how happy they are that you came. That’s what you’ll find at my church.

If you are interested in visiting, but live too far away, don’t worry. Hop over to and check out our livestreams. I always make a post on Sunday mornings before it happens and I make sure to share the livestream once it starts.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, please give this a like, comment, and share so others can join the fun as well. I will be posting a recipe tomorrow, so please come back to check that out! Until next time,
Thank you!
God Bless!
Happy Krafting!



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