Pick Up Line

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

One of the things that parents usually dread is school. There’s so much that goes into taking your child to school. The assignments, the crafts, the projects, the fundraisers. Please don’t get me started on that drop off/ pick up line.

Well, I’m going to dive into that pickup line.

First of all, in the mornings when you drop your munchkin off at school, you have already been to battle. Not even eight in the morning and you have went from a beautiful queen to the evil witch at least six times, within two minutes of each other. We are feeling slightly victorious, because we managed to have our little ones looking presentable, but knowing they are just going to come home looking like a hurricane ripped their clothes to bits and whipped their hair to some seriously strange cow licks. Now, we are faced with the crazy lady behind us already throwing her hands in the air because the cars in front of us are moving too slow. Like, seriously Susan calm down.

You feel the pressure at this point to have your kid quickly unbuckle and get their backpack on and ready to get out of the door. This is usually the point that your kid starts talking about the meaning of life and why birds fly. Just as you pull up to the teacher that is letting kids out of cars, your little remembers that you didn’t sign that permission slip that is due today. So, now you are signing paperwork and hearing Susan blowing her horn and screaming that I should have already had that stuff done before I got in line.

Susan, you’re right. I should have my life a bit more together, but I don’t. I’m okay with the crazy and I am okay with you yelling at me. I got some pretty thick skin and I am about one more honk away from showing you how my daddy raised me. Bless your heart.

Finally, your kid is out of the car and on their way to higher education. You, my friend, are not even done. You still have to survive getting out of the school zone. In our area, our school is not right off of a main road. Oh no, it is off of an old back road. So you have the lovely pleasure of fighting traffic at several intersections instead of just one. Heaven forbid you get caught as the busses are pulling in, because girl, you are stuck for at least twenty minutes. Of which, Susan is going to blame you for that and continue to lay her horn.

The sad part is, in seven hours you will be faced with that nightmare all over again. Wine companies should seriously consider giving free bottles mid school year to all of the moms, because dang do we need a little reward midway through school to keep us going through that nightmare. Bath bomb companies should team up with those wine companies, us moms would definitely love y’all for it.

The best part of pickup in the afternoons is how excited your little ones are to see you. If you have a munchkin like mine, you are bound to be ticking off Susan again in the afternoon. My little man doesn’t just get in the car and get buckled up. Oh no, that apparently can’t happen. He has to tell the very patient school official that I have tires on the car and he even goes as far as kicking them for her so she knows their good tires. He also has to show her that he has a little box with toys in the back seat just for him. The fun that I have to silently scream at him to get in and get buckled up is flabbergasting.

Finally, Monkey is in the car buckled and we are making our way to the first stop sign. Haven’t even made it a hundred yards and the kid is already throwing papers at me to show me everything he has done that day. He is screaming at the top of his lungs, because why not, about how he got this color in school. All while I get to hope and pray that the person ahead of me gets going so we don’t get stuck behind the school busses leaving.

When you finally make it home, all you want to do is crawl in bed under the covers and sleep for thirty years. However, your afternoon is just getting started. However, this is a topic for another day. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, it is all in good fun. This is all just a joke on a stressful thing. If you did enjoy it, please give this a like, comment, and share so others can join the fun as well. Until next time,

Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!





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