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Egg Scramble of Pepper

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

One of the things I love is cooking breakfast food. I love making French Toast and I love making eggs. I know that sounds weird to some, but there are ways of cooking them eggs that the taste divine when you are finished. I am going to share with you one of my go to weekday scrambled egg recipes.


2 eggs

Bell Pepper (red and Green) finely chopped

Green Onion finely chopped

Salt and Pepper to taste

Rye or Wheat toast (lightly buttered)

Turkey Sausage (cook like normal)


In a medium sized skillet, melt a tiny bit of butter over medium high heat

Toss in the skillet the bell pepper and allow to cook for about a minute

Whisk your eggs and add to the peppers in the skillet

Scramble away

Once that is finished, I put my scramble on the plate with my toast and turkey sausage and sprinkle some Green onion over the top.

Now it is time to dig in.

This is a very quick and easy meal. Definitely one of my go to’s for mornings that I am swamped with work or getting the boys up and going on the busy weekends. I love to tell people that you can never have too many quick and easy recipes in your recipe book.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like, comment, and share so others can join the fun as well. Thank you so much for your support, it truly means the world to me. Until next time,

Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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