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Mom Funny’s: Bedtime Routine

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

Night time rituals, we all have them. Especially, those little angelic monsters that we call our children. Allow me to take you through our nightly routine.

6:30 pm

“Monkey, it’s time to go brush your teeth and get you PJ’s on.”

*Throws himself on the floor, screaming bloody murder*

“But I want to watch TV!!!!”

“Not now buddy, you already had your TV time, now it’s bedtime.”

This is a back and forth that will continue for a good ten to fifteen minutes, until I threaten punishment. At which point, he will stomp to the bathroom, mumble a gurgled mess, while brushing his teeth, and finally he will get into his PJ’s.

At this point, I go to his room, lay in bed with him and read his AR book three times. We talk about his day some more and we follow that by night prayers and kisses. I turn off his bedroom light, leaving his room illuminated only by the seven thousand nightlights he just can’t live without and the fan blowing from the ceiling.

I never take this moment for granted, that blissful thirty seconds of silence as he contemplates exactly for which reason he will get out of bed first. This moment of silence is the calm before the storm. I am able to just make it to the couch and begin to look at my crochet bag, when this three foot tall bundle of insanity peaks through his bedroom door. On this night, he decided to start with his absolute need to use the bathroom, AGAIN! The four times he went during AR book reading time, just wasn’t enough.

He goes back to his room, for about ten minutes this time. Ten minutes of silence, at the end of which, I hear the rustling of the covers on his bed and movements that he is making on the springs. I get up, go to his room, and discover that three quarters of all of the legos that he owns is now in the bed with him. After a quick reprimand and fifteen minutes of helping him clean his mess, he is once again tucked in and quiet.

This is only met with immediate, retaliation on his part. He begins screaming from his room five hundred questions, none of which involve him going to sleep. However, even though he is asking these questions he is not technically out of bed. So, I have to change my tactic, I have to inform him that he will be grounded if he doesn’t close his eyes and go to sleep. Usually his response is a scoff, followed by a scolding from me, and eventually, he goes quiet.

I can’t let this newfound silence fool me. While I desire with all my being for this kid to go to sleep, the chances of this battle for sleep to being won so soon, is slim. I begin to hear the mumbling, he’s starting to talk to his stuffed Chase dog, and I quickly tell him it is time for sleep. Finally by 8:30 pm, two hours after the first shots of battle, I have won. The kid is asleep and I am free to crochet in silence.

Funny thing is, this only happens Monday through Thursday. When the husband is home, Monkey tries this tactic and all Daddy has to say is for Monkey to go to bed. Immediately, the kid goes right to bed and we don’t hear another peep from him all night. Why, you may ask? Because my husband had that Daddy voice, once he uses said voice, Monkey is unable to disobey. I do not have a Daddy voice, I don’t think the husband would appreciate if I had a Daddy voice.

Truth of the matter is, every night we have the fun job of putting our kids to bed and it can be frustrating. We want them to just go to sleep and get their rest that their tiny bodies so desperately needs for growth. At the same token, each night, once that little bundle of joy has fallen asleep, we check on them and linger just a minute longer to watch them sleep peacefully. We ask ourselves how did we get so lucky to have such a wonderful human being to raise. We wonder how on God’s green Earth do they sleep so sound.

The absolute best ten minutes of my day is actually at the end of my day. When I crack that bedroom door open and I watch him sleeping. I get a weepy just thinking about it. Each night, I realize that he will be another day older tomorrow and that he will be that much closer to the age that he won’t need me as much. Closer to the age that he won’t want to play with his legos with his mom. That his mom isn’t as cool as she used to be. So, I take in a couple of extra minutes of watching him sleep and thanking God, that day wasn’t today.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like, comment, and share so others can join the fun as well. I greatly appreciate it! Until next time,

Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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