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Mom Stuff Friday!

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

This morning was a bad one. You know those mornings where you wake up and you are not feeling it and your munchkin pretty much agrees with you? That kind of morning.

I had my coffee, read my bible, did all of my normal things, but I was just grouchy. My little man also was not feeling it this morning and he did not want to get dressed or do anything for that matter. I hate those mornings that I have to become a stark raving lunatic to get him to do anything. I have to repeat over and over for him to brush his teeth, put his shoes on, and the most dreaded, get his jacket on.

This morning Florida decided she was going to participate in winter and it is in the 30’s right now. The 30’s!!! Getting this kid to put on a jacket over his long sleeve shirt, was like baptizing a possessed cat. I was screaming, he was screaming and neither one of us was budging on anything. I decided to change gears and move on to something else for a minute and next thing I knew he was crying like crazy and that feeling crept in. Moms you know the one, guilt. I was so focused on him needing to get ready that I was not paying attention to him beginning to be hurt. It happens and it is okay to admit that sometimes, we just don’t see the whole picture. Both of us were going through negative emotions this morning and both of us refused to back down. I had to do something this morning that I hardly do, I apologized. I told him that I love him and that I should not have taken my feelings out on him.

I always tell him that it is okay for him to feel his feelings, but it is not okay to take those feelings out on others. I did not listen to my own words this morning. As we finished getting him ready for his day, his mood began to lift and by the time we made it to that drop off line, both of us was smiling.

Having that issue this morning, I am reminded that we all have days that just start out so incredibly painful. As Stay At Home Mom’s, it is almost taboo to some that we would have a rough day. A lot of people will tell you, that you get to be home all day, how on earth could you possibly have a bad day? Or why is your kid wearing two different socks and pretending that his name is Lord of the Dinosaurs? All Moms go through mornings like this, no Mom escapes the rough morning, it will come for you. Haha.

As I look back on this morning, I know that my munchkin is not going to remember the craziness. It is going to remember me apologizing to him and making that wrong right. I was a learning experience not only for him, but for me as well. He reminded me of the very thing I try to teach him. We all have feelings and it is okay to feel those feelings. It is not okay to allow those feelings to spill on to others.

I know that this afternoon will be fun filled with him running around, playing and laughing. I know that he is already back to his loving and bubbly self. I know that as a Mom, sometimes you just get overwhelmed and you have to snap out of a moment. That’s what life is sometimes. I just thank God that I was able to see the issue and correct it.

So, today, I know that my crazy day has kicked and all of my errands and to do list tasks are going to kick my butt. However, when I pick that little man up after school today, I am going to be done “adulting” today. We are going to play with his toys and run all over the house screaming and laughing. We will let loose and just enjoy the rest of our day. When he goes to bed to tonight, I will make sure a smile is on his face and he and I are on the same page that I love him and only want the best for him.

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Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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