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Fighting My Mind

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

While sitting here looking through my list of blog ideas, I started thinking about what I could say today that would help at least one person. I wanted today’s post to be something that would be more than helping someone make a card. Growing up, I developed a pretty gnarly hatred for myself. I found it hard to look in a mirror and tell myself anything good. I always hated what I saw in the mirror, but it ran deeper than that. Suffering from anxiety and depression from a young age, I didn’t allow myself to feel anything positive about myself. This is something that I fight even to this day. The difference between then and now, I have found some different ways to help myself to snap out of it.

First, I know that when the anxiety or depression hits me, it is only temporary. I heard someone once say that it was like waves, they pass in time and eventually your sea of life will calm down. When I am hit with these self loathing thoughts and feelings, I remind myself of that. I know that I will not always feel that way and that I will come through it. I also make a point to reach out to my support group, my family. My mom is always there to lend a listening ear and my husband never fails to be there for me. This is a huge asset that I have that I know some people may not feel like they have.

Secondly, I do something productive. When I have these thoughts and feelings bubble up, I know that if I do something that is good, make something, or write something, I will begin to feel better. I have even been known to do one of my burning writing sessions. Anything that stops these thoughts, or combats these thoughts helps give my mind a moment to remind itself that this is just a wave and it will pass.

I always make a point to laugh. I try to find something funny or even just play with my son as the inner struggle for joy rages on. Eventually, my feelings begin to slowly warm up and before I know it, I am laughing and having an amazing time with my family or my son. Knowing that so much of my thinking is going to be joyful soon, truly does help. That can only come when I remind myself that the horrible things will pass.

One other thing I do is go for a walk. I tend to do this when I am alone and I take that time on my walk to pray. I ask God to strip those thoughts and feelings from and help me to find the joy that I know he can provide me with. I ask him to show me his love and let that flow over all of the negative.

Anxiety and Depression is not something people should take lightly. If you know someone that suffers from these issues, please talk to them. Make a point to check in with them every once in awhile. My family makes a point to do “therapy” sessions with me. My mom will ask me how I am doing and she always knows when things are rough in my mind. She is always there to listen and help me talk through everything on my mind.

I know that not everyone is blessed with a great support system. I tried for years to handle the emotions and lows on my own. I learned that dealing with all of that by myself was not possible. It also is not possible to get through if I am not at a point in my life that I love myself. There has to be some kind of love for yourself in order to get through this. I read a blog by a psychologist that talked about being a friend to yourself. Dr. Perry of MakeItUltra Psychology, spoke about how we need to be good friends to ourselves. This is the link to that article, please give it a read, it was very interesting.

When I read his post, I did one of my many self evaluations. I realized that I have not been a very good friend to myself. I was unbelievably quick to anger with myself. I would call myself the most horrible names. I would down myself in the most terrible way. I was insanely hard on myself. Thanks to reading that post, I was able to see this issue and now I am able to work on it. I am trying to get better about being more understanding of myself. I am trying to look at myself and see someone amazing. I hope if you have suffered in this way as well that you can find it in yourself to get to a better place emotionally and mentally. Hopefully, you found this helpful and have found some techniques to help yourself and possibly help someone else.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like, comment, and share. I definitely appreciate it. In between posts on here, I post on Facebook at and on Instagram at feel free to follow me. Remember if you are in a dark place, the light will come through and shine over everything. If it feels as though that darkness is lingering too long and you are in need of help, there are so many places you can turn to for help. There is no shame in having to have help.

Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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