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Yummy Thursday!!!

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

Today, I thought I would share one of my quick fix dinners that Monkey just adores. I am sure a lot of you can feel me when I say weeknights are the hardest nights of the week to cook something fantastic. Especially, Thursday night.

In our house, Monkey just went back to school from Christmas break yesterday. My week has been swamped with running the house, cleaning the house, washing clothes, and chasing a six year old around the house. Now it’s five o’clock and I am hearing how starved my little man is. Of course, leave it to me to be notoriously forgetful and not take something out of the freezer. So, my go to meal is really quite simple and you can make extra for lunch the next day, Cuban Sandwiches.

Years ago, I worked at a little grill at a golf course and I remember how crazy the place would get on Cuban Sandwich days. This is a very simple sandwich and you don’t even have to have a panini press to make magic happen. All you need to start,

Cuban bread

Sliced turkey

Sliced ham

Provolone sliced




Tiny bit of butter

Using a bread knife cut the Cuban bread “hotdog” style creating a giant bun. Don’t cut all the way through. Once that cheese melts and the meat heats up, it will be a nightmare getting out the pan or off the press without causing a huge mess.

Folding open your bread, apply your mayo and mustard. The layer in your cheese, ham, turkey, pickle, and a touch more cheese on top if you want. If you have a six year old boy who is obsessed with cheese, that is a very necessary step. Haha. Fold your sandwich closed and the next part is kind of fun and helpful if you do not have a press. While your sandwich is still on that cutting board, take a plate, pan, or another cutting board and press that sandwich closed.

My husband was a saint about a month ago and he bought me a new set of pots and pans. This set included a wonderful griddle. On the stove goes my griddle and I allow it to heat up on medium to medium high heat. I very lightly butter the side of the sandwich I am going to put down on the griddle first. Once the griddle is nice and hot, I put my sandwich on the griddle, butter side down. Using a pan or like tonight my cast iron skillet, I press the Cuban down on the griddle and I weighed my skillet down with a couple of canned goods. I toasted the first side for about a minute nearly two. Removing my skillet weighed with canned goods, I lightly buttered the top of the sandwich and flipped it over to toast for the same amount of time.

When that cheese is all melted and everything is toasted, hot, and delicious, I remove the sandwich from the heat. I place the sandwich on my cutting board and portion out the sandwich. For Monkey, I added pretzels as a side and some ketchup, because apparently ketchup goes on everything.

Typically I will make a little more than we will eat so I can have lunch for tomorrow. The kiddo loves having leftovers and while he’s still young enough to be cool with leftovers, I am going to play that card any chance I get. Mostly because I am notorious for making far too much food anyways.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like, comment, and share. I would certainly appreciate it! In between posts, feel free to follow me on Facebook at and on Instagram at Until next time,

Thank you!

God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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