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Proud Mama

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

I wanted to start today off with a bit of a question. I have been researching starting a YouTube channel. I would be posting videos of tutorials. If I do this, I would continue to post written directions and tips on each craft project. I will also continue to post my other blogs about tips and my life on the site. My question is, would the addition of a YouTube channel be something you would like to see? Feel free to give a comment, either on here, or on my latest post on the KraftaholicMommy Facebook page. I would love to hear from each of you and get insight on your thoughts. Thank you!

On to the topic of today. As you can see by the picture on this post, we are talking stamping. If you noticed the stamping was not exactly like my other stamped images. There are obviously mistakes on this paper. To me, this paper is perfect and it is in the mail to the two lovely recipients. I was not the creator of this piece of artwork. My sweet boy made this and I could not be more proud.

The other day, he came up to me and asked if he could work on a craft. Of course that answer was a very fast yes. I asked what he wanted to work on and his response was this wonderful project. He wanted to “stamp his love.” I asked him who he was working on this for and he responded, it was for his lovely aunts. My heart melted for this amazing kid. I let him pick the stamps and the ink that he wanted to work with.

While he was stamping away, I thought it would be fun to talk to him about his beautiful aunts. He started going on and on about how much loves them and how fun they are. He talked about how he loves when they tickle him and take him on fun trips to the beach. He loves when we all hang out for fun family nights. Monkey was just so happy to work on his “card” and talk about two of his favorite people.

My mom makes a point to FaceTime us when she gets off work each day. I absolutely love to hear from her every day. The best part of this particular conversation was Monkey showing his work to his Nani. He is so proud of what he did. Not to mention, Nani was so proud too.

Monkey finished stamping and announced his completion of his project. I asked him if he wanted to hand deliver his amazing work to his aunts, he said that he would rather mail it. Monkey said that it would be a nice surprise from the mailman. This kid is far too sweet for words.

I just wanted to share my little experience with you all today. It truly warms my heart that my love for crafting is rubbing off on my little man. It warms my heart even more that he is growing to be such a sweet person.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like, comment, or share. I would greatly appreciate it. While I work on the next post, I would love to read about the sweet things that your little ones have done. I always love learning more about all of you amazing people! Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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