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Hurricane Continued

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

Quick little note about the photo for today. Our landlords cow had a baby! Just as I pulled on to their road, that wonderful little calf, came into the world. Quite a beautiful experience. One I have had many times in my life, however, the first time my little boy was able to experience this. It was really a great thing.

Yesterday, I talked about basics of preparing for a Hurricane. Today, I wanted to hit some ideas of fun things to do during a Hurricane.

There is a lot of stress and worry that comes with something as huge and dangerous as a Hurricane. I did want to hit one thing before moving on with the subject of today. Don’t wait until there is a Hurricane only a few days out before you get your supplies. The perk of the supplies necessary for a hurricane, they don’t go bad. You can get them quite early on. The season starts June first, stocking up your supply kit doesn’t have to start when the cone of uncertainty hits. Allow me to give you reasons as to why.

Years ago, things were different. Before a storm would hit, people would be making sure everyone had what they needed to get through the storm. Allow me to move forward to September of last year. I found out about Hurricane Irma becoming a true threat to Florida about two weeks before she was even projected to come remotely near. Sadly, people panicked. I went to my local Walmart after dropping Monkey off at school, to find the parking lot to be a scary sight. It was a nightmare to find a spot, to start. The scary part was when I parked. I parked next to an elderly man climbing out of his Ford pickup. I had received a phone call, so I stayed in the car to finish the conversation. When I got out of the car, a young man jumped in the back of the Ford pickup next to me. He began trying to take a case of water out of the back of this elderly man’s truck. I became infuriated. I yelled at the man, I told him I was going to call the Sheriff’s Office, and he jumped out and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. I would like to mention, I know that confronting this thief was insanely stupid. I have no idea what came over me. I should have just walked in and called the Sheriff’s Office. However, when I relayed my actions to my father (a deputy) I was most definitely chastised for my actions. My husband also was not happy. Both of the leading men in my life were especially displeased when they found out that I continued on my shopping trip.

When I walked in, people were running over each other and screaming. I had recently dipped into my First Aide Kit and decided that I needed a new one. The store had run out of First Aide Kits in the pharmacy department. People were freaking out about it. I only knew about this because I have to walk by the pharmacy department to get to the best First Aide Kits. A little tip, never bother with the First Aide Kits in the pharmacy department, they never have absolutely everything you could need. The hunting and fishing department, always has the best First Aide Kits. They always seems to have the most bandages, tape, alcohol swabs, etc… This was a blessing to me to know this tidbit of information. In my house, we are outdoorsy folks. We love camping and fishing. So, we have a supply of camping supplies. Basically, if you look at a list of Hurricane Survival Supplies, you are getting camping supplies. It is just a larger quantity.

I made my way from the hunting department to aisle that has water to find, no water. We keep a bit of a supply of bottled water, I was merely trying to get one case to make double sure that I had enough. People were screaming at the employee, saying the most horrible of things to this poor person. She was nearly in tears. I had never witnessed something so horrendous, and I had just hit the middle part of this experience. This two week period before the storm showed me just how horrible people could be to each other.

With all of this horrendous human behavior, I was amazed at the strength of others. A sweet man was talked about on the news for giving up his generator so a woman could have it for her elderly, disabled father. This man had already purchased this very expensive generator. He gave her the generator, when she offered to give him the money, he told her he didn’t want it, truly a beautiful thing. I witnessed my husband working ten hours a day, all to get off work, and help other people prepare for the storm. He made a point to go to my parents house to help my dad board up his windows. He made a point to go to our church and board up our windows. He worked hard to prepare our yard and outside of the house for the storm. He did the same for my sisters’ house. I have to give my husband a special shout out for that. He truly is amazing, I love you My Love!

Now, on to the actual topic of the day. When the last hurricane came through, I was in a bit of new territory. I had never gone through a major storm with a little one. It was certainly a different experience. My mistake, not having enough for him to do. My saving grace, my sisters and “hurricane mom.” They kept him so entertained in the moments that he would be bored by all that he had. I made the mistake of leaving all of his crafting supplies at home. I will not make this mistake again.

I will make a point to bring a bit of everything. We will be able to rotate through things and hopefully, we will not run into the same problems as last time. I will bring several coloring books, different color pencils, markers, and crayons. I will even bring his supplies to make slime. I will break up the time with crafts and games. He likes playing hide and seek, I Spy, and several other games. We will be able to rotate through the games and crafts. With all of this talk, I have had the thought of a small box for Monkey’s crafting supplies.

I will get a cool box that Monkey can decorate. In the box, I can put a bunch of crafting supplies. He can have his paints, pencils, crayons, and so much more.

Of course, I am praying that no storms come to our great state. I have been praying that this storm season is nonexistent. It is a blessing that with Hurricane Season, we are aware of the storm long before it hits. There truly is no surprise that a hurricane is in the area. The biggest thing that usually surprises people is the exact location of the eye.

During the storm, when my anxiety kicks in, I will definitely have my yarn babies with me. I will be able to work on my project and still be able to talk to the family. Why? Because I will be picking a pattern that is super easy. I don’t want to be zoned into the crocheting so much that I push away the family. My sisters wouldn’t allow it anyways, they will happily remind me that I am in a room full of people. Haha.

Not to mention, I need to make time for a couple of my most favorite things. My husband and I love camping. We really love making S’Mores. It would be absolutely amazing to make our little indoor S’More station and make some yummy-ness. Monkey absolutely loves them too, which is always a perk.

The other thing I love doing during a storm, shadow puppets. Monkey loves making dogs, monkeys, and other funny shapes. Of course, he tells you what he is making with his hands, otherwise, I would have no clue. The best part about Monkey doing this would have to be his stories that accompany each shadow puppet session. He always makes me laugh so hard. He is trying to make you laugh, while concentrating so hard on what he is doing with his hands. It is such a kick to watch. His stories are always so funny.

I love playing games with Monkey, even on a beautiful day. During the storm, there are games that are always fun. Midnight Hide and Seek is always fun. I am blessed enough that Monkey is afraid of the dark. When I was little, it was fun to play hide and seek in the dark. It is all the same rules as normal hide and seek, the only difference, when you find the people hiding, you flash your light on them. It is a lot of fun.

We always try to have fun during the storm. If you give in to the stress that is accompanied with a hurricane, you will find yourself in a dark place fast. I choose to keep a positive attitude and make sure that Monkey doesn’t feel an ounce of that stress. I would hate for him to be afraid or hurt during an already frightening thing.

This brings me to the most important thing to me. I am obviously extremely focused on making sure that I have everything I need for my family. I am obviously going to keep a diligent eye on whatever storm threatens my area. I also make my sweet boys mental health a priority as well. While I make a point to educate him about hurricanes, I also make a point to explain to him that if we make sure to have all of our ducks in a row, everything will be fine. Yes, a hurricane is very loud. Yes, a hurricane is scary. However, if I make a point to distract him from all of those things, it will make things that much easier for him.

He knows that if the hurricane is going to be too severe for comfort, we will go out of state to a family members house. It is better to head out completely and keep Monkey safe, than to stay and risk his safety. I am a rare bird compared to some, I am not as stressed about how my home will fair. We obviously take steps to protect our home. Bring in or tie down anything that could blow into the house and cause damage. My saint of a husband also makes sure to protect our windows. With all of that preparation, it still in the Lord’s hands at that point. I can’t allow myself to go to that area of worry. Being a natural worry-wort, I will worry enough. I can’t allow myself to go there.

I hope all of this rambling helps anyone who is new to a Florida Hurricane Season. This is my hurricane strategy.

As always, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like, comment, or share. Also, feel free to share this site with your friends, so they can join the fun as well. I would also love to hear what you do during severe weather to pass the time. Tomorrow, I will be talking about a card that I recently made. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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