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Invitations of Love!

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

It has been a while since I have been on here to talk to you lovely people. I have been busy working on some birthday party invitations for my sweet mother’s upcoming birthday. So, I couldn’t exactly talk about those until I started giving them out to the invited. Not to mention, I wanted to make sure my mom approved.

This is such a blessing to be able to work on these for my mom. She is such a kind hearted and sweet woman. She never asks for anything. We joke and tell her it is because the second she mentions she even likes something, Daddy runs and gets it for her. Her level of spoiled is extreme. Of course, we are only joking, she deserves to be treated so amazing.

The theme for the party is going to be Fifty and Fabulous. The colors are black, gold, and gold glitter. This was an interesting thing to incorporate in the invitations. I am still very old school in the fact that rather than creating an event on social media, I love making and sending invitations. More often than not, I am making invitations for Monkey’s birthdays. I get to take the time to think about how amazing my little man is. How much he had grown in just a year. I get to reminisce about happy memories.

I started looking at my favorite spots for inspiration about what I wanted to do. I know that typically invitations for birthdays are usually in a simple postcard format, but I thought using a card would be better. I was stuck on the phrase, “Fifty and Fabulous.” It would not leave me, I searched everywhere for a stamp set that included that phrase, unfortunately, that was not happening for me. I decided I would alter what I was wanting to do. That is when I found a video by Connie Stewart from Simply Simple Stamping. She is an amazing artist and if you have the chance, visit her YouTube Channel. She created a beautiful card with a doily and I was drawn in. I tried finding gold doilies that had a fancy edging, but nothing jumped out at me. I decided to alter her card with a few little things and I was very happy with the outcome.

First, I did not alter two measurements. The card base is just like hers, 8.5inches by 5.5 inches. I then scored and folded my card base on the 4.25 inch mark. I did not cut half an inch off the bottom of the front of the card. I did some basic math and discovered, if I did take that half inch off, it would show the white insert with the invitation stamp and information. I thought that would clash with the overall look of the card.

At this point, I altered the measurement and the edges of the band on the card. Connie’s card called for a piece that would measure about 2.5 inches. I decided that it would look a bit more on the elegant and fun side to cut that measurement to one inch strip. Now, this strip of gold glitter paper was interesting. This strip is not straight across the card in one solid piece. This piece was snipped on either end and then the strip was cut in half. I wanted to ensure that the ends would be flush with the edge of the card. I do not have a banner punch like used in Connie’s beautiful tutorial, so I improvised with a pretty label punch that I have. I thought it made the card pop in an interesting way.

I wanted to add a bit of color to the invitations. I thought about using white for my card base, but I wanted that doily to really scream from the background. I thought about changing the color of the image paper, but I didn’t think it would help my card. So, I remembered my mom mentioning that she wanted to incorporate flowers in the party. Light bulb came on in the old brain area and I grabbed the stamp set, “Flowers of Gratitude,” from 2005 Stampin’ Up. This stamp set was found at a wonderful antique store in my neighborhood. It is a retired stamp set from Stampin’ Up, but this also shows that you are able to use whatever you have on hand to make something beautiful. I used Stampin’ Up inks, Flirty Flamingo and Sweet Sugarplum, to stamp the beautiful flowers.

This next part was a huge learning experience for me. Until this day, I had never used embossing powder and a heat tool. I wanted to learn how to work with them, but never worked on a card that would benefit from it. I found gold glitter embossing powder at Michaels. I found the heat tool at the same antique store as my retired stamp sets. Now, I will say that for this project, I did not use an embossing buddy. This is a little tidbit of fabric that you rub on the area that you are embossing to prevent the embossing powder from sticking to the paper in places you would not like it. I did not use this because I wanted the embossing powder to kind of speckle across the paper. It made a little sparkle that just topped the card off. I used the stamp Hello, because it was a fun word with pretty script for the invitation.

Due to the black cardstock, I made a point to work on the inside of the card with white cardstock. I stamped a simple invitation and filled in the information for the party. I also stamped a flower from the front of the card in the corner of the inside piece. I thought it would tie in the front of the card with the inside. I also took the time to round the corners of the inside piece. This added a little something extra. This was not my idea, to be honest the thought never crossed my mind. I was working on the invitations, while my husband was looking at a new tool I had gotten. He suggested to round the edges. Once I did, I fell in love with it. Fantastic idea sweet husband!

I was going to be mailing off quite a few of these and my local post office tends to frown on taking envelopes that are decorated, so I did not decorate the envelopes this time. Most of the time, I will take a few minutes to tie the envelop in with the card.

I truly love that God has blessed me with being able to make these invitations. It means so much to me that I could do this for my mom. I hope everyone enjoys the cards and of course, comes out to the party.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like, comment, or share. I would greatly appreciate it. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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