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Stress in Full Swing

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

Yesterday the storms were popping some insane lightning. I got to witness lightning hitting the ground. It was insane. I love working on the site, but with so much going on here at the house, I had to take time yesterday to concentrate on that. Now that things are settling back down, I am ready to start writing and talking with all of you amazing people.

I think I went a little early on starting Poll Thursday. I didn’t have any takers on the contest. I am willing to admit that I probably jumped the gun on that. It’s all good, we are going to talk about some awesome crafting products.

Recently, I purchased a heating tool for embossing and I am quite stoked about getting in my VersaMark to get stamping some amazing invitations for my mom’s fiftieth birthday. I know I have been dropping how I have been working on this and not shown you anything yet, but I promise, I will be showing you soon. You are going to love it! I know I do.

Today, I was trying to think of awesome topics to discuss, when I got five hundred phone calls, unexpected errands, and a thousand texts and emails to respond to. I was truly swamped with everything today. It gave me an idea. How do you deal with stress in life?

I come from a family that is predominantly full of people with heart disease and diabetes. God gave my family a blessing nearly ten years ago when my dad found out that he had to have open heart surgery. My dad, only forty-three at the time, was the youngest person in the cardiac wing. He wasn’t having to have this surgery simply because he did not take care of his body. My dad didn’t eat food with a lot of salt or things that are known to cause heart problems. It was his genes. Hardening of the Arteries is a seriously unforgiving issue that does not discriminate. The surgeon told us that we should pray because my dad’s heart was in a state that if he had a heart attack in the middle of surgery, there would be nothing that he could to help my dad. The worst thirty-six hours of my life. What got me through all of that was the amazing support from my family, my church, and crochet.

I crocheted so much the night before the surgery, that I got a full throw sized blanket done before dawn. At the hospital I mapped out in my mind a new blanket and crocheted another throw that night, while my dad was in ICU. No one will ever see those blankets, they reminded me of such a horrendous time, that I could not bring myself to even give them to someone. I did something that I am sure people will not agree with, but it was cleansing for me. I burned them. I didn’t want to throw them away, and I could not help but think of a passage I had read in the Bible. In the Bible, it talks about how fire cleanses things and makes things new. If you look at the forest and see how much greener and brighter the forest comes back after a controlled burn, it is beautiful. It was very therapeutic for me to burn those blankets.

Whenever life gets rough, I turn to crafting to help me process things. I find myself becoming more relaxed when I pick up my crochet hook. I find my center, I am able to talk to God and truly focus on my mental health. We all know that life can weigh on your mind, taking time to process what is going on in your life and giving yourself that reset is necessary.

If life is coming so fast that I can’t seem to catch up, I like to write about it. My mom for as long as I can remember kept a journal. Well, journals. She would pour her feelings onto the pages and find herself in a better mindset after getting it all off of her chest. We never read the journals, she could leave the thing open on the table with a big spotlight on it, and we would never read it. That is her personal feelings, she should have a place that allows her speak completely unapologetically. I took after her in that. If I find myself still in a state of stress and worry even after crafting for a long while, I take a few pieces of paper out of my journal. I write everything I am thinking, feeling, even seeing. I write it all down. I write what I wish I could say or how I should have handled something and I pour it all on those pages. By the time I am done, I feel this sense of massive release. I see it as I am writing that I am beginning to calm down and find a bit of inner peace.

I tend to stress most over the things that I cannot control. I am that mom that worries far more than I probably should. If there is nothing to worry about, I can come up with something to worry about. It is just how I am hardwired. I find that crafting offsets that. I find that I am able to calm myself and I am able to better process things. The higher the stress levels, the more detailed the craft has to be. Or, the more difficult the craft has to be. I know that I can control the craft. I am in control of the colors, the paper, the yarn, the hook, the knitting needle, or whatever I am working with. I can make whatever I want in my crafting area and no one can take that away from me. It feels good to know that I have something tangible that I can control anytime I work on it.

On the very rare occasion that none of this works for me, I do have one more amazing thing that helps calm me, my husband. He is always a good listener and he is supportive. I am very blessed to have him. I know that if I absolutely need to vent, he is always there for me. I can tell him anything without worry of judgement. He offers different perspectives and advice which, I know is weird, but I love that.

How do you handle the stresses of life? Do you turn to crafting? Drop your response in the comments, I would love to read them. Plus, your methods may help someone else.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed the post. If you did, feel free to give this a like, comment, or share, it would truly mean a lot to me. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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