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To Admit Defeat or Forge a New Path

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

I had a nice weekend with my sweet boys, with a bit of disappointment. I am getting ready to work on birthday invitations for my mom’s big birthday bash. The theme is 50 and Fabulous. The problem, finding stamps that match what is in my head! If this was five or six years ago, apparently, I would not have had any issue finding the stamps with the font I am seeing in my head.

I have been looking on Amazon, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn, Michaels, even WalMart to see if I would find luck in getting the stamps I am hoping for, but I have not been lucky. So, this is not a post I am usually happy to make, however, I feel it is necessary. Admitting failure and how to move forward.

I knew that this particular theme might pose an issue. I was optimistic regardless. I went to Pinterest for some ideas and I got stuck on a style. I wanted to have a fancy kind of font that said, “50 and Fabulous,” however, that was not so easily found.

I started my search on Amazon. I tried every phrase I could think of to have the wording I wanted. It was not working in my favor. So, I went to my favorite JoAnn’s and Michaels and came up empty again. I looked on Stampin’ Up and on the Hobby Lobby website, again, no luck. Now, I am needing a new path.

I have the color theme of black, gold, and gold glitter. I have the idea for the invitation. I just need to revamp the idea. This opens the door for some creativity. I am going to get a new toy for the Krafting Area. I have always wanted a heating tool and embossing powder. So, thanks to Amazon and their amazing deals, I will be the proud new owner of those things this week. Or so I thought.

I got an email from the company informing me that they are unfortunately on back order for both items. Yay! More failure!! Now, I am really feeling defeated. I went to order a new invitation stamp set from another site and they are officially out. I know, right now it seems as though all I am doing is complaining.

I will not go down so easily. It is quite a bit more expensive, but I am going to go with another heating tool and I am going to search for another stamp set to go with. I choose optimism at this point. I choose to keep going. The party is in five weeks and if I can get them mailed out in two weeks, I will be good on timing. Everyone already knows about the party, the invitations are merely reminders that they can hang on their refrigerator.

I am not so easy to fail. I am going to get the things I need and these invitations are going to be awesome. With all of this fun going on, I have also planned a lot of crafts for the decorations for the party. My sweet sister is doing her awesome thing on helping with ideas and decorations. My sister-in-law is being amazing with giving some amazing ideas that she is finding on Pinterest. With us three women, we are going to be able to throw my mom a fantastic birthday party.

I am staying motivated because this isn’t about me. I am keeping my head in the game because this is for someone who truly deserves it. My mom sacrificed a lot when we were growing up. She always gave her all to her kids and she never failed to show us love and support. I will never forget the crafts I worked on with my mom. I will be forever grateful for all of the support my mom gave me when I was at my worst. My mom was a teen mom and wife. She didn’t have the opportunities that I was afforded. I have always told people that if I am a tenth of the mom that my mom is, my child would be incredibly blessed. She raised us to love God and remember where we came from. She taught us to always work as hard as we can for the things we want in life.

So, when my mom mentioned that she would love to have a party for her birthday this year, us kids got together and decided to make that happen for her. My mom is the kind of angel that never asks for much. When we have an opportunity to do for her, we always try our best to make that happen.

You see, my failure to find the exact things in my head cannot drag me down. I have to rise to the occasion and make the best invitations I can. I want to make my mom happy and I want to be able to be part of what makes her happy on her happy day.

When you see yourself getting defeated, remind yourself why you are doing this. Keep yourself motivated by looking at other options for the project you are working on. There is more than one way to make a fiftieth birthday party invitation. Ask yourself who you are making your craft for. Think about all of the amazing things that person has done for you. I do. This whenever I am feeling defeated, it works wonders for me.

Stay strong and keep going, you are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed the post. If you did, feel free to like, comment, or share, I would greatly appreciate it. Remember head over to my Facebook page and leave a picture of your favorite completed project for a chance to be featured on my site! Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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