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Purse for a Princess

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

What an absolutely beautiful day here in sunny Florida! The birds were singing, there was a gentle breeze, and I crocheted most of the day! I would say that this made for a great day!

Today, I decided to try out a pattern for a bag to give my niece. The pattern I went with, Mommy and Me Bag, by and let me tell you, it is a great pattern.

I decided on making just a simple open bag, for a few reasons. One, my niece would not have to fight with pockets. She also will not have to worry about getting her zipper on this bag all jacked up. This pattern does not call for a button or zipper. I also chose this pattern so my niece could have something simple and elegant without all of the added fancy things. She is a simple kind of diva and I love that about her.

This pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and a 5.5mm hook. This will make a decent size bag. However, I wanted something a bit smaller. So, to get the size I wanted, I used DK weight yarn and a 5.0mm hook. This gave me the perfect size bag for my sweet niece. As I will be making a couple of these, I can accomplish that easily in a matter of days. The yarn brand that I used, Lion’s Brand Mandala Yarn in the color of Genie. I really love how the color changes on this bag. I will definitely be working up a few of these bags in the Mandala yarns. I think this will give these bags a bit of character.

First, the pattern is worked in the round. Meaning, you are working from the center of the bottom of the bag, outward. This bag has also been split into two separate patterns. One for the twenty-five rounds for the bag portion. Another, for the strap. This helps you make the bag as even as possible. It also helps you have some great stopping places if you are not able to sit for long in one spot.

If you are wanting a bag that is a bit more closed, then you may want to consider adding a lining to this bag. As you work this pattern, you will notice that it forms these adorable little squares. I will not be adding a lining to these bags. My niece is going to be turning ten, that child does not carry anything on her that she is bashful about sharing with others. Plus, she mostly just uses purses and bags to play with at home. I like the look of the squares without them be obstructed by a lining.

The second pattern to this bag is, like I mentioned before, for the strap. This is made by working half of the strap, finishing off, and starting the second half of the strap on the opposite side of the purse. This is the part that I am still working on. I found that when I folded my bag in half, it made it a lot easier to find the best starting point for the other half of my strap. I used the slip stitch method to join my two halves. I prefer doing that over the whip stitch. I really like how the slip stitch method almost provides an invisible seam.

Another method I am considering, is working the strap from the beginning, as written. From there, I would like to attempt working the other half backwards. Rather than finishing off my work, then folding my purse in half and finding my new starting point for the second half of the strap, and working it that way. I will continue working my strap from row fifteen back down to six. From there, I will replace the DC decreases with DC increases and slip stitching the strap into place on the opposite side of the bag. I am wanting to see to how I will like that method, if I like it, I will be sure to let you lovely people know.

This bag is insanely easy to work up. More than half of the bag portion of the pattern is repeat rows. Meaning, you do the exact same thing for a bunch of rows. To keep myself on track with how many rows I have worked, I write it down. I wrote the numbers for each, individual row, six through twenty-three. As I finished a round, I marked it off on the list. This helped me keep track and I was able to have a bit of piece of mind when I sat my project down, I could pick it back up without having to worry about forgetting what row or round I was on. I also worked the same way on my strap as well.

This bag will be perfect for adding a bunch of really cute tissue paper, nail polish, and other little gifts. I loved working on this bag. The pattern was very easy to understand and the time it takes to work one up is very reasonable.

I would most definitely suggest that you head over to that website and work up this pattern. You are going to love it. It is a great little bag to work up if you need something in a hurry. You could easily get this done in a matter of a couple of hours, if not less.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like, comment, or share. What bags do you like making? I cannot wait to read about them in the comments. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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