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Dealer Sunday ~Amazon~

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

I am sitting outside enjoying the sun and slight breeze. While I am here, I am doing one of the things that I love doing, SHOPPING. By shopping, I don’t mean clothes, I mean crafting supplies.

Over the years, I have learned my preferences on certain things in my crafting addiction. I know that with certain crafting supplies, I prefer certain companies. With this knowledge, I can be a bit more comfortable buying those particular products online.

So why Amazon? Well, I like the fact that I can order as much as I want without really having to worry about there being a shortage. It is very rare that they don’t have the number of items that I need to restock my boxes. I also love the convenience. Being able to purchase online and not being forced to deal with the effort of going somewhere to shop is a perk.

You moms know what I mean about that hassle of getting out the door with little ones. In my house, it’s a lot of begging and bribing, followed by a little bit of a tear session in the bathroom before we leave. I mean, most of the time my little man is great about getting ready to go somewhere, but there are those times. Which means that Amazon saves the day! Thank you Amazon!!

I know, you are probably thinking right about now that I have forgotten how these Dealer Sunday’s go. No, I haven’t, Sunshine’s. I am getting to that beloved history lesson. Here we go:

Amazon was not always called Amazon, originally the name was Cadabra. Yeah, just saying that makes me feel like a magician too. Amazon was founded on July 5, 1994, that makes this company twenty-three years old. Their headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. Also, that is the same city that founded Starbucks. Just an added tidbit of awesome knowledge for ya. Just to let you get a feel for how huge this company is, in 2017, Amazon’s net income was over three BILLION dollars. I know I gave a bit in that, but nowhere near that much. However, if Amazon ever wanted to share the love, I would happily accept, as I am sure you lovely people would too.

History lesson aside, I love Amazon.

I love that they have a membership program, Amazon Prime. This helps me get all of my stuff with no shipping cost. It also helps me get my packages a lot faster. Rather than waiting a week or two for my items, I only wait a few days.

I love getting my Sizzix supplies from Amazon. They have a wide selection and they are cheaper. Now, I would suggest with buying Sizzix supplies online, that you make sure that it works with your Sizzix products. I learned that not all Sizzix embossing folders will work in my Sizzix BigKick. I like that I can buy a set of thinlits and only spend fifteen dollars or so. It is definitely better than spending thirty dollars at the store.

I like buying my TomBow glue on Amazon. It is only a couple of dollars a piece and I have the option of buying in bulk. Buying my simple supplies on Amazon like glue or rhinestones is super convenient. It also helps the wallet as well.

Another reason for joining Amazon Prime is not exactly crafting related. I love music. I love all genres of music. With Amazon Prime, I am able to download all the music I want. I love it!

Whether you are shopping for your favorite yarn supplies or your next crafting party, Amazon more than likely has what you need. I would suggest getting Amazon Prime and enjoying all of the benefits it provides.

What crafting supplies do you like buying from Amazon? What stores are your favorite to shop at for crafting supplies? Let me know, I am always ready to add to my Dealers list.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I truly hope you enjoyed the post. If you did, feel free to give this a like or just let me know down in the comments. Also, feel free to give this a share so your friends and family can join the fun as well! Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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