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Product Review!!!

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

This weekend is revving up to be awesome! I got some new yarn which is really fun. It is even more fun when you have a random three day weekend with both your husband and sweet boy home. This KraftaholicMommy scored the mother load!

Today, I wanted to talk about Lions Brand Mandala Yarn. Let us take a quick stroll down Lions Brand historical road.

Lions Brand is the oldest yarn producing company, being founded in the year 1878! The base for this company is Carlstadt, New Jersey. An interesting tidbit that I found in my research was a fun little story. Vanna White was in an interview and when asked what she loved doing in her off time, she responded that she has a love for crocheting. This makes me love the woman even more. Well, Lions Brand heard about the interview and sent a nice package to Vanna White as a thank you. From there, Vanna White teamed up with Lions Brand and she developed her own line of yarn, “Vanna’s Choice.” I thought this was a fun tidbit and it led me down the lovely road of looking up this yarn line. Her yarn line can be found online, as well as in store. JoAnn’s and Michaels, both carry her line. She has been with Lions Brand for over fifteen years. What makes me want to go out and buy this particular line is the fact that a portion of those proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. In 2013, Vanna White was able to present the hospital with a check for one million dollars. The show, Wheel of Fortune was so proud of their wonderful co-host that they even put a segment in the show, showing Vanna White presenting the check.

The more you know, right? Now, on to the yarn that I recently bought. I have been eyeballing pretty hard Mandala yarn. With some projects that I am wanting to work on, I was hoping to use this yarn. I bought a roll to see how I like it.

In the store, I found out right away that this yarn is very soft. Perfect for someone who suffers from sensitive skin. I really loved the different color ways used. I picked out my roll and was thrilled to finally have it in my cart. Now, this particular roll was bought at WalMart, I know crazy. Finally, WalMart has a yarn I can like. I am in complete shock! Talking about them, will be done on a Dealer Sunday. Stay tuned. 🙂

When I got home and was finally able to work with this yarn, I was pleasantly disappointed. I know that this is a very strange statement, allow me to explain. First, the colors are very pleasant. This particular color way is called Genie, love the name by the way. Second, the fact that this is in cake form is very pleasant. Third, the fact that when I saw the end of the yarn sticking out of the top center, I was disappointed. When I pulled that piece, about three inches of yarn came out and that was it. It was just a snippet of yarn. I had to pull out an entire section of the middle of the roll to find the end of the center pull. In that tangled up mess, was three more snippets of yarn that were just stuck in there. Considering the fact that yarn is often times measured for accuracy by being weighed, this particular roll is probably a couple of feet shy of the right measurement. On to happier things.

I decided to give Chandi’s pattern a go with this yarn. I really liked working with this yarn. The yarn was soft on my hands. Once I got through the mess of starting to pull this yarn, it came out smooth and I did not notice having any other issues with knotting or tangled up messes. I finished the coaster and I am not happy with the size for it to be used as a coaster, however, I am happy with the overall end result.

This yarn would be perfect for trivets. The pattern that I used for this yarn would make beautiful trivets. Once I took a moment to really look at this finished project, I was inspired to make a bunch more and give them to my sister-in-law. Rather than coasters, I thought trivets would help her out in the kitchen. I know that I always love getting things for the kitchen.

This yarn would also be perfect for blankets. I can see some beautiful c2c blankets, maybe a virus blanket. Even just a simple double crochet blanket would be lovely. This yarn is soft enough that being wrapped up in it would feel nice, warm, and soft.

Speaking of being wrapped up in this yarn. I would love to work on a vest, shawl, or even a cardigan in this yarn. The color change in these rolls are extremely gradual and would look beautiful in clothing. I cannot wait to start looking up patterns for nice sweaters. My niece would love their line of colors that include pinks and purples.

I wanted to end today’s post with a little bit of a tutorial. I have noticed on some of the social sites that I am on, people have been asking what blocking is and how to do it. I thought I would give them a place to look for the answer.

Blocking is a step that some crocheters and knitters take to finish off a project. I use this step on things like coasters, trivets, or doilies. It helps relax the yarn into the right shape of your project. For example, this trivet that is pictured. If you look closely, you will see that one of the peddles is kind of rippled. When I block this trivet, it will relax and fall all nice and flat.

How to block a project?

There are quite a few ways to do this. The first being the one that I use the most. I will take a piece of card board and pin my trivet nice and flat on the card board. Then I will take my iron and put it on the steamer setting and I will hold the iron over the trivet and steam the trivet until it is well saturated. Make sure when you do this, that you do NOT touch the yarn with the iron. After it is saturated, I will let this project dry completely. Usually, I let it stay on the board overnight. The next morning, I will take the pins out and my project will be ready for use.

Another method is soaking the project and then pinning it to a board. Once pinned, you let it stay until the project is completely dry and you are ready to go. The problem that I find with this method is how long it takes for the project to dry. It is most often times, suggested to leave the project on the board for three to five days to ensure the project is dry. Living in a small house, with no real craft room, that is not exactly something I can do.

Some people also pin their project to a piece of cardboard and use ironing starch. They spray their project and allow the starch to dry. When dried, they are ready for use.

These are just a few methods of blocking. I personally like the first one, but that is because I only block small projects. I typically, do not block my blankets or my larger projects. I wash them and tumble dry them and they are ready to go to their new homes.

I would definitely suggest that if you have not tried Lions Brand Mandala yarn, give it a whirl. You will be pleased with this yarn. I will definitely be buying a lot more of it!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like or comment down below. Also, feel free to give this a share so your friends can join in the fun as well. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!


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