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Yarn Babies!!!!

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

Tee ball season is in full swing here and we have tee ball four nights a week. That is two practices and two games. I love it!! Monkey is loving it and having a blast out on the field and I have social anxiety, so I cope the best way I know how. CROCHET!!!

This leads me to the topic of today. How I carry my yarn babies with me. First, I am a bit of a bag junkie. JoAnn’s knows what they are doing by putting all of them adorable bags in the front, right by them registers. I know I usually add two or three to my already full cart. Thank God for JoAnn’s coupons.

In the past I would haul everything around with no bag or box, insanity. I got intelligent and tried the yarn bags. They did not please me all that much. I found that if I had a knot form in the bag, with a huge project attached, it was a bit of a nightmare to untangle and not ruin my work. I also found that I did not care to have my project just folded and laid on top of the bag. I quickly decided to try another route.

With my previous projects that were solid skeins, meaning I wasn’t changing after so many rows to a different color, the yarn bags did not annoy quite as much. However, it was still lacking and I wanted to find something else. I did try using cute boxes, again, they were not making me super happy.

I have tried using those cute messenger bags, however, when the project became larger than a baby or toddler blanket, I noticed the zipper became a problem. I did not like having my yarn snag on a zipper. That became a nightmare relatively quick. I also did not care for the bulkiness of the bag.

I was told to give a regular backpack a try. I found that I liked having the extra pockets to store things. I liked that I could just put it on my back when I was lugging it around. However, that blasted zipper issue did not go away. Also, I did not care for the size. I needed something that would adapt to my needs.

I was in JoAnn’s and I had seen their simple Go Green JoAnn’s bags and thought about how cute they were. I had just gotten my cute little bag that holds my scissors, hooks, needles, and a few other necessities. I decided to buy a couple and see how it would go. I fell in love!

They are cheap, simple, and adorable! I love that they have several different sizes and they work for every project I decide to take with me. I have already shown one of the bags that I have been using. Now that my blanket has grown in size, I am going to be moving the project to a new bag that is just as cute! Well, you see that it is cute!

I know, you must be wondering how I am carrying my patterns around with me when I travel with my yarn babies. That is actually the easiest thing for me. I use mostly PDF patterns or they repeat so much, I remember the pattern. The PDFs are on my phone and tablet so I am able to toss the phone or tablet in my bag with the yarn babies or in my purse.

As for my hooks and my other crocheting necessities, I store them in their little bag and keep that bag in my JoAnn’s bag.

I love using things that are extremely simple. I am not a huge fan of super complex or annoying things. That is one of the many reasons why I am working on my social media and my site from my tablet. At the moment, I am most comfortable with my tablet. Eventually, as this site grows, I will get a better computer and go from there. Until then, my tablet makes me happy.

When I am at Tee Ball practice or just riding in the car, I enjoy crocheting. I have learned that I am that mom that freaks out every single second of practice. As I am usually alone in the dugout watching practice, I figure my crochet can help me relax and just enjoy the evening. For the most part, this plan has been working. I am getting quite a bit further along on the Virus Blanket and I am not annoying Monkey by constantly yelling to focus or (more accurately) to quit playing in the dirt.

It has been a nice security blanket (get it) to be able to crochet while watching Monkey play. I do not bring the project with me to games and I am that mom jumping up and down by the fence, cheering everyone on. On practice nights, the moms and dads are generally just talking and hanging out, that is a bit of a problem for someone like me. I have nearly crippling social anxiety. For me, the worst part is the fifteen to twenty minutes before everyone gets there. I show up early, so I can crochet to relax and then I am generally good to go.

Having my yarn babies with me, helps in many ways. One is the anxiety. Another way it helps is that I am getting projects done quicker. Rather than only working on projects when I can at home, I am able to work on the projects a lot more. This helps with getting all of those birthday, Christmas, and other occasions gifts done.

How do you travel with your yarn babies? I am realizing, I have called them this and I haven’t explained. Umm, I call all of my skeins of yarn, yarn babies. In our house, they are treated as such. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like or comment down below. Also, feel free to share this site with all of your friends so they can join the fun as well. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!!



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