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Kid Kraftaholics!

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

I swear Florida has angered the Sun! It is very cold here. I know all my northern Krafters are thinking I am a wimp complaining about weather in the sixties. I am a born and raised Florida girl. If the thermometer goes below seventy, I am bundled up and praying for the Sun to get back with Florida. One day, my eighties will be back and I won’t complain. HAHA

With the cold however, comes indoor activities with my little man. Right now, we are snacking on pretzels and he is enjoying Smurfs for the millionth time this week. Once it warms up a bit more, we will be bundling up and going on an adventure! I love bringing my son in to the world of crafting!

On the agenda for the day:

We will be going outside to look for leaves. Living in the woods, we are able to get pine needles, Water Oak leaves, Oak leaves, palm leaves, and live oak leaves. So, we will have a ton to work with on this craft today!

The other supplies are; crayons, papers, and markers or pens. Once we have collected all of our supplies, we will be ready to begin the craft. I forgot tape, this one is optional, you will see why I use it in the next paragraph. 🙂

We are going to be doing leaf rubs. I know that my little man gets super excited when he is doing a craft, so I have to make sure that his leave won’t move under his paper. I will be taking a small piece of tape and taping the leaves down to our table top to prevent the leaves from moving. From there, he will lay his paper over each leaf and rub his crayon on top to reveal the print of the leaf.

Under each leaf print, we will label it and we will be able to learn where each leaf comes from. This is a great craft to teach your little ones about the outdoors right outside their door. I love doing educational crafts with my little man, it is so beneficial in so many ways. With school starting this Monday, he is excited to bring in some of the crafts he is working on this week to show his friends at circle time. I personally, love keeping him excited about learning.

We will also be getting together activity boxes today. When we go on long road trips, or if we are going to be running errands all day, I like to keep Monkey distracted from all the boring. When we get in the car, he is able to break out his little box and he has paper and crayons, or little books that help him with his writing and identifying certain numbers or letters. I noticed that his activity box was low, so I thought it would be fun to have him help refill the box.

Activity boxes do not have to be super fancy metal lunchboxes. When you have a little one that is a bit hard on things, you learn quickly, there are cheaper alternatives. I use old boxes from things I have purchased. For instance, I have an old Paper Pumpkin box that is going to be perfect for this activity. From there, I will be cutting paper to fit into the box. I will be replacing the old broken crayons with new ones. I did consider upgrading them to color pencils, then my mind went to that dark place that has pencil shavings all in my seats and that made me cringe. When he gets older and doesn’t feel the urge to fling the shavings out of the sharpener, I will go to color pencils.

From there, the box is placed in the back floor board of the car and is ready to used on our next trip. I have tried keeping a few small toys in the car for him to play with, but I have found that the activity boxes keep him the most entertained. I like that it also helps him keep all the cool things he is learning in school fresh on his mind.

Friday’s are usually my busiest days, errand day. I am running to the bank, paying bills, getting groceries, going to the craft stores for my crafts for the next week, and so many other things. Friday’s have also become big writing days. I try to write Saturday and Sunday’s posts on Friday so I can have the weekend to be with my husband and son, crochet, and be with other family members. So, having the activity box Friday (the day you are reading this) will come in handy.

I love living in the woods, but it does have a trade off. I trade being close to stores and my bank for the beauty of nature. I trade having only a five minute trip to the store for huge trees and cool animals. I love that we have plenty of room for Monkey to run and play. The trade off to me is worth it. It also lets me get creative with helping Monkey on those long days like Friday Errand Days.

I have found that by getting Monkey involved in crafting, I am able to bond with him that much more. I also get to witness him using his creativity. He has so much fun making up stories, drawing cool maps, and making things. I enjoy helping him accomplish those things. With him being in school this year, I have been forced to be okay without him for eight hours a day. Having our crafting time really helps me not feel so bad about taking him to school. I know there are a lot of parents who feel that school is a much needed break, I wanted to be one of those parents, but it did not work out. When he back to school after his winter break, I actually cried like it was the first day of school. I know, I am one of those moms, I’m okay with that.

One project I love doing with Monkey is drawing. I like telling him a story from the Bible and letting him draw it out. He gets to use his creativity and it helps him learn more about the Bible. He really loves when my dad (his Nonu), tells him stories from the Bible. My dad loves the art of acting and boy, does that man get dramatic and animated telling Monkey about David and Goliath or Jesus healing the blind man. It is entertaining to watch and Monkey always goes to school and shares the stories with his friends. Quick disclaimer, we send him to a Christian preschool.

When it comes to crafting with kids, expect the mess. When we did our Pine Cone crafts, I made sure we did them outside. The mess that glitter made was easier to cope with outside than it would have been to deal with it inside. I would have freaked out, my brain would have broke. I know how I am about messes and I try to pacify that by preparing for it. When we work with paint, Monkey and I put out old sheets, or we go outside. I will also make sure that he is wearing one of his daddy’s old shirts. If he gets paint on that, it is all good.

Also, keep in mind that the exact end result you have in mind is not going to become exact reality. Kids have their own ideas of what they are going to do in crafts and that’s okay. Let them explore their own creativity. This helps them to learn about themselves. In a world that likes to dictate so much to people, letting our little ones discover things about themselves is extremely important. For instance, Monkey has learned that while he liked putting the glue on the pine cones, he did not care for actually touching the glitter. It was all good; rather than having him roll the pine cones in the glitter, I had him pour the glitter over the pine cone. He did not have to touch the glitter with his hands and we learned something new.

I have always felt that involving children in crafts is extremely important. Now that I have a munchkin of my own, that feeling is that much stronger. If you haven’t tried crafting with your little one, do it, you will love it!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like or a comment below. Also, feel free to share this site with your friends and family so they can join the fun as well. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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