Dealer Sunday~Online Shopping

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

I think I can put this generalized statement out there and most will agree; there is almost nothing better than shopping in your pajamas, while drinking a cup of coffee. Am I right? One of my dealers is so awesome, that they allow you shop just like that. Well, they would have no idea that I was I shopping in my pj’s, because, they are online.

Now, I will talk about more stores you can shop at in person, however, today, I wanted to talk about a particular company that does not offer their products in any other store than online. Stampin’ Up! I know you all have been loving the little bit of facts section of these Dealer Sundays, but I really was not able to find too many on Google about Stampin’ Up. So, here is what I was able to find. Stampin’ Up was founded in 1988, by Cheri Gardner and her sister. The company was founded in Utah. Aside from the fact that Cheri recently announced that her daughter would become the new CEO of Stampin’ Up, there aren’t too many other facts. The sisters say, that all they really want for the company is to have high quality products for stampers worldwide.

I love Stampin’ Up! I absolutely love their ink and pads. A lot of other stamping companies, do not offer refills for your ink pads. I love that if my favorite Early Espresso ink pad starts getting dry, I can get my refill out and I am back in business. Their ink pads are also something that should be talked about on their own. The ink pads are amazing. The way they close in this fold, slide and lock method. I absolutely adore it. With these ink pads, when you close them, you are guaranteed they are closed. They are also a lot bigger than most other stamp pads, which I love!!! The size is perfect for completely inking up a stamp. Their ink transfers phenomenally and the colors are always so vibrant and beautiful. Stampin’ Up carries a large assortment of colors and that is always a perk in my book.

The stamps that Stampin’ Up carries are fantastic! I love that their clear mount stamps are durable and they can be used over and over with no worry of the stamp slipping on the mount. When you are making a bunch of the same cards, the stamp moving around on the mounting block is always a downer, you do not have to worry about that with these clear mounts. The Stampin’ Up wood mounted stamps are amazing as well. I have a ton of retired wood mounted stamps from Stampin’ Up that I have purchased from a retired stamper and I love them all.

Stampin’ Up also offers a couple of things that I use all the time. Washi Tape, dimensionals, and butchers twine. I have purchased these things through them and I absolutely love them. I love that their washi tapes match their inks. I have already expressed my love for their dimensionals. Their butchers twine also comes in colors that match their inks, which makes matching my colors on my cards and other paper crafts that much easier.

Stampin’ Up offers so many things it is almost mind boggling. I absolutely love and have purchased many times, the products I have spoken about above. I have also purchased their Paper Pumpkin. This is a fun little program that is a surprise each month. You get an adorable orange box in your mailbox , filled with all the supplies you will need for an awesome paper craft. If you are wanting to broaden the paper crafts you are doing, this little box helps inspire that.

While I have been raving about Stampin’ Up, I do find that I have a couple of issues with them.

First, the price. Some of their small stamp sets could cost as much as thirty dollars. While, I understand that they are a higher quality product company that can hurt the wallet trying to buy some small sets. While talking about the financial side, if you are going to order from them, please keep in mind the shipping cost. Whether you spend the four dollars on just getting the dimensionals or you spend much more, you are going to have a $6.95 charge for shipping. I like to wait until I am going to for sure be purchasing quite a few things before I shop.

Secondly, the wait for getting my purchase, from their facility to my house here in Florida, is usually two weeks. Be mindful of that if you are running low on things. I typically go ahead and order if I am down to my last full sheet of dimensionals. I hate working on a project and I run out of my dimensionals.

Overall, Stampin’ Up is an amazing company. My demonstrator is Brandy Cox and she is fabulous. She always makes sure to get out catalogs as soon as possible and she is always very quick to respond to any questions I may have. If you don’t have a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, Brandy Cox is definitely the woman to go to.

I have been talking about ordering online and as the daughter of a Law Enforcement Officer, I feel I need to make a statement. Do not put your personal information on a site that is not backed by someone like the BBB. Please do not buy things from companies you have never heard of unless you have found them through reputable means. When I found this company, I made sure I checked them out to ensure that if I did make a purchase I would not be giving my personal information over to someone who means me harm.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this a like or a comment. Also, if you want your friends to know when I post, feel free to share this website with them. I am so thankful for each and every one of you amazing readers and crafters! Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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