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Journal Extravaganza

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

How are we all doing today?!?! I would love to start this post off with a huge thank you. I have been setting goals each week for number of views and let me tell you, you all have definitely took me by surprise. You are all so amazing for checking in each day and seeing what I have to say. It is absolutely amazing and I am beyond grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey!

Now that I have started tearing up, let’s move on to today’s topic. Journaling. I know this may seem a bit strange for some crafters, but stick with me y’all, it will all make sense.

When I come to the beginning of a new year, I like to set goals for myself. For example, I wanted to start a Virus Blanket, start this site, do some photo transferring, and so on. I like to organize my thoughts and ideas and the best way I have found of doing that is by taking a page from my mom’s book, journaling. Now, I am by no means a fantastic writer, nor am I very good at drawing; so those super fancy journals where the crafter has drawn exquisite drawings throughout it, ain’t gonna happen with me. What I do is I get something that is already cute. At any rate, the point of this journal is not to be “oo”ed and “aww”ed by people, it is just for you.

The first thing I focus on, when I go to buy a journal, is to buy something not meant for journaling. I am not journaling as much as I am, listing out my goals. So, this year, I bought a really cute clipboard/notepad book. I wanted something that was going to be durable, carrying it around with me when I go somewhere to work other than home. I like taking my yarn to a nice park and crocheting somewhere pretty. It helps to calm me, which, I know is beside the point right now.

Once I bought the book, I am ready to delve in and get things written out. I write about what crafts I am wanting to do, in as much detail as possible. I do this, so when I go to get the supplies, I have something to go on more than just an idea. For instance, when I wrote about the wreath project, I made sure I wrote that I wanted it to include a cross and that I wanted the phrase “He Is Risen,” to be included. I also wrote down what colors I wanted to work with and how much material I would need. Now, as you know that particular project had some hiccups, but the gist of everything was written out. When the issues came up, I was not completely in the dark, in figuring out how to get my pretty end result.

The other things I put in my journal of sorts, I write ideas for posts for here. When I first thought of going on this adventure, I wrote that down. I talked about wanting a site that people could come to, not only for enjoyment, but inspiration. I jotted down ideas for posts and ideas for names. I wrote everything down, in as much detail as I could manage. I wanted to put as much of my heart at the time down in writing. As I look back on these pages, I want to remember the inspired heart I had at that time.

I also made a point to turn to a blank page and write something a bit unorthodox down. I wrote all of my fears and worries about everything I had written on the previous pages. I read it for a few days several times and then, I would pray. I allowed myself to feel that fear, to hold those worries. After those few days, I ripped that page out leaving the jagged line of torn paper behind, and burned that page. I know it is quite dramatic, but allow me to explain. By allowing myself to feel those feelings, I was able to process them. I was able to see how they served me no other purpose than to cause undue stress. I was also able to realize that while those fears and worries were legitimate, I couldn’t allow myself to be dictated by things that haven’t even happened. I burned the page as a symbol, a tangible, physical symbol. By burning that blasted page, I was able to remind myself that those fears and those worries were not going to keep me from trying. If I fail, then, I know I didn’t go down without a one heck of a fight. The saddest thing about goals untried is the regret that comes with that.

I leave that jagged strip of paper in my pad, to remind myself of that fire. I want to remind myself that if I am not giving my all to the goals that I have set for myself, then those fears will be realized. I want that reminder because it pushes me. I have to continue forward, I have to be better and do better. The best way of doing that is to work my hind end off. Isn’t that what we all have to do to get what we want in life?

I understand that this is not for everyone. So, I have to ask, what you do to help realize your goals? What are some goals that you have? I would love to read them and perhaps we can encourage each other.

As always, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you did, feel free to give this post a like or comment below. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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