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The Krazy Krafting Hoarder

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

You know, there are days that I can craft like a fiend and then there these other days. I am thinking, I am on these other days. All it seems like I am doing at the moment is trying to build my own JoAnn and Michaels stores in my house. Unfortunately for me, I have a tiny house with a rambunctious five year old. So, how do I store all of my crafting goodies?

With my yarn, I tend to keep it in those adorable bags you can buy at the front of JoAnn’s, you know, by the registers? I make sure each bag has coordinating colors or same color skeins. Basically, every bag of yarn I have is a project in the making. For instance, my Premier Sweet Roll BlackBerry rolls are all in one bag. One day, when I have finished a project, I will be able to grab that bag and start using the yarn in that bag. I love bags, I can never have enough of them. That’s probably because I can’t seem to stop buying yarn.

My crochet hooks are stored in a pencil case. The bright green plastic pencil case that has the folding lid. Well, all of my hooks that are not ergonomic. My ergonomic hooks are stored with my “fancy” yarn snips in a really cute hook bag. I got that bag on Amazon and I absolutely love it. When I am working on a project, I just keep that little hook bag in the bag with the project. It keeps everything together and keeps me from losing my hooks. Win, win situation for me.

Currently, my paper is being stored in a plastic container. That’s a whole long story, that I won’t bore you with. Usually, I keep my paper in a paper rack. I love having my paper visible. Not only are all of the pretty colors pleasing to look at, but I love having things ready for me to grab and start working. Having the paper rack on my desk, enables me to just reach and grab all the pretty colors my heart desires.

I keep my inks in a cute little box that I found at Dollar General. A second adorable box contains all of my paper craft adhesives (tape runner, glue dots, and so on). I would rather keep those things in boxes so I am guaranteed not to get things on my ink pads or my adhesives that could ruin them. Let’s face it, it can be quite angering to go to run some tape and a hair or a bunch of dust smears on the paper too. It royally upsets me to stamp a beautiful image just to wind up smearing it because a little tiny something got stuck to stamp from the stamp pad.

Speaking of stamps. I store them in a couple of adorable boxes as well. The stamps are separated, one box has wooden block stamps and the other contains my clear mount stamps. I have a box just for my acrylic mounts. I don’t like for my mounts to be with anything else, because I don’t want to risk damaging them.

Everything else I have is put in adorable little boxes. I would prefer to have a huge craft room to display all of my crafting supplies, but that is not available in the house I am currently in. One day, I will have that craft room. 🙂

In the meantime, I find that having boxes with adorable designs on them, accompanied with adorable handmade tags, is currently working for me. I know where everything is and I am able to just grab the box and roll. I have tried putting all of (example) my paper supplies in one tote and work with it that way, but quickly got aggravated with that. I would always need something that was at the bottom of the tote and have to fight to figure out how in the world I managed to fit everything in that tote to begin with. Having things separated out is a lot easier for my scattered brain.

How do you store all of your supplies? Do you have a craft room? I would love to know. What would be your dream craft room?

I am right there with a lot of people who live in small houses, with not much space to work with. However small the house, there are many ways to make your space work for you. My husband likes to woodwork and I love shelves, so he will be getting that request probably when I finish writing this. I think that shelves are another great tool in a tiny house. Working with what you have can be quite daunting at times, but it can open the door for some awesome creativity. I have seen people turn a tiny closet into a beautiful little crafting supply closet. I have seen some pretty neat people turning old dressers into beautiful crafting tables.

I love crafting and I will never quit this addiction. I also will never stop going into crafting stores and buying supplies like a crazy lady. That just means I have to make sure my Tetris skills are on level ten. That or one day my husband is going to come home to a new shed in the yard for my crafting nook.

Speaking of, I knew a woman who did that. She bought a regular workshop shed and turned it into a beautiful craft room with an office. She had put up some amazing yarn racks and a huge paper rack. That woman had a craft room that I was for sure drooling over. She had electricity ran out to it and even had an air conditioning unit put in it. She went all kind of out on it. I was so happy for her.

Enough of my people I know stories. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Remember, it isn’t about how much of a crafting supply stash you have, it’s about all the crafting you do and how much you love doing it. If you liked today’s post feel free to give this a like or leave a comment. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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