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Crochet Meets Crazy

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

We all know how it is to have your yarn babies in hand and a good hook. You just want to be able to sit and crochet the day away. When that kind of mood strikes, there is only one thing I can do, crochet.

I have been working on Jonna Martinez’s Virus Blanket for awhile now. I thought I would give you a bit more of a review on that as well as talk a bit about the projects that I will be trying to finish as well.

Jonna Martinez, if you ever see this. Thank you for your amazing YouTube tutorial on making your Virus blanket. I am so grateful that you came up with a pattern that even if I put it down for a few days, I can come right back to it and know exactly where I am at. This pattern also works up quite fast, and boy do I love using two colors for this project. Having that color change really makes the design pop! I am using Caron Simply Soft, and those colors and the softness of the yarn is just making this project work up beautifully.

If you haven’t tried this pattern out, do it.

When it comes to my other projects, I am working on two c2c blankets and a c2c squared by the Crochet Crowd. I love all of my projects and I am working on all of them, some more than others.

Working c2c is a quick pattern that I can work while watching my little man play tee ball or while I am watching a show at the end of the day. When the blanket is finished I will add a cute border and this blanket will go to my sister. I am notorious for planning far in advance. My sisters birthday isn’t until August and I started on this blanket back in September of last year. Why did I do that? For the simple fact that I have ADHD when it comes to yarn. I always manage to pile up my projects and work on several at a time. Yes, I am aware of how crazy it is, but let me tell you how this goes.

Crocheting away all happy.

“Oh, I will take a quick break and look at Facebook.”

I find a picture of a blanket that I think is cute. I break out FBI level skills to find the name of the pattern and then find the pattern.

“I did all that work, might as well see if I have yarn that would look good with that pattern.”

Takes a far too short a look at my stash and quickly decide I have no yarn and this is a travesty that must be fixed.

At this point my current work in progress project is all lonely, but I am driving and singing with the radio, all the way to JoAnns to get yarn.

“This yarn is so pretty but I think I have another pattern that would look better.”

Finally, after a few hours I have wound up buying yarn for three different patterns and feel accomplished. I get home, break out the yarn for a completely different project and crochet for a few hours. It will be at least two days before I pick up that original project.

I am a hoarder of projects and I am a hoarder of yarn. I freely and happily admit that. Working on more than one project is pretty much how I live my life. Usually, life doesn’t come at you from just one side. Things sometimes, comes from all angles and hits you for funsies. For example, this morning I wake up about an hour later than I should, with a five year old super upset about getting in the bathtub. I fight with him to get a bath, get dressed, and here we are finally walking out the door. The car has a flat tire, my son is screaming about school and the fact he has a tee ball game tonight and the “Rocket Car” (his name for our car) must be fixed. I call my husband because, I can’t seem to find the air choke for the air compressor to air up the tire so I can at least make it to the store. I have all of this going on and I am also having to remember the time is now eight in the morning and we live thirty minutes from his school. Finally, Praise God, I manage to air up the tire and get my son to school about thirty minutes late.

I get my son all checked in to school and make sure he is completely set for the day, when I notice, I did not fix his hair this morning. My son has several really big cow licks and his hair definitely should be styled. That didn’t happen today and I was so beyond stressed about the car and needing to work on everything else that I just started laughing about it. I get to the store to get my tire fixed, two and a half hours later I am finally on my way home to talk to you lovely people about this experience. So, what does this have to do with my hoarding?

Even though I went through all of that hectic, stressful mess, I still am having a good day. Why? I am able to talk to you lovely people. I have a site that is growing. I have a supportive and loving husband. I have a car that needed a tire fixed. I have a son who is happy about school and playing tee ball. God gave me a beautiful day full of chaos and love. That is the same with my hoarding of crafts. I know that is chaotic to look at, that big old mess of bags with partially completely crochet projects, but I am working on them. Each one of those projects brings me such joy as I work on them.

The other perk of having so many crafts going on at once is that I never grow bored of the crafts. If I see myself starting to feel mundane, I pick up a different project for a little while. I love that this also helps me practice each skill in crochet by working on multiple projects. I am also getting use out of more than one hook and that always makes me happy. I am sure people wonder how in the world I am able to get done with my crafts in time when I am making gifts, but it is because I tend to buckle down on just that craft for a week maybe two and finish it. That also means I will begin the search again to find more patterns and get even more yarn.

So, no matter how hectic my crafts look, I am always working on each of them. How many projects are you working on? Do you like working on more than one project at a time?

I would like to take a quick moment to give a bit of a shout out. I have found a site that I think you might enjoy as well, is a site that talks about being a stay at home mommy, as well as gives amazing recipes. I hope you check it out and maybe get some awesome recipes in the process. Kati, was kind enough to give me a shout out on her Facebook page and I wanted to return that sweet gesture.

I also would like to thank each of you for your amazing support for my first near month in this site. The launch has gone so well and seeing the number of people reading and liking my posts means so much to me.

As always, if you enjoyed today’s post feel free to give this a like, or just drop a comment. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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