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Motivational Monday

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

Allow me to start this off with a bit of a story. I was working on a crochet pattern for the first time and I had already frogged (I ripped my stitches out to start over) several times. I was tearing up, my heart was breaking, and I was beginning to feel completely overwhelmed. I truly wanted this blanket to start coming together, the person I wanted to give it to would be celebrating a birthday soon and this stinking thing just wasn’t cooperating. Out of frustration and anger, I put the yarn back in my bag and I just sat there, feeling defeated.

How many of you lovely people ever have this scenario play out for you? What did you do when it seemed as though you were being defeated by a craft? Did you just call it quits and start something easier? Did you pick that yarn and hook back up and go at it until you got it? Are you feeling that way now? Can I convince you to keep going?

I know that there are days when you are super excited to try something completely new and the craft just seems to hate you. The stitches are not coming out even, the paper just doesn’t look right, or that stinking deco mesh isn’t bunching up as pretty as the picture. How do you fight the urge to quit?

If I have to walk away from a project, I leave it right where I can see it. I am most definitely insane, I know. Why on this beautiful planet, would I leave something that is completely driving me nuts in my line of sight? For the same reason athletes keep pushing themselves in the gym. For the same reason our kids keep pushing themselves to be even better in school. Motivation. To me, this project is telling me I cannot do something. This KraftaholicMommy, does not do well being told that I can’t do something. All that is to me is reverse psychology. Not only will I be more inclined to walk back to that yarn bag and try again at that project, but I will be consumed with proving myself wrong.

I know what you’re thinking, “did that crazy lady just say that she was going to prove herself wrong?” The answer my friend, is yes. The only person holding you back from accomplishing your goal is you. You are your biggest critic, your worst enemy. In my beliefs, God tells us that we are to love our enemies. Considering the fact that I am, indeed, my own worst enemy, I got to love myself enough to prove to myself that I can do this.

If for whatever reason, having the project in my sight is not helping to motivate me, I move on to plan B. I research even deeper on the project. For example, I had read a small comment on a crochet page on Facebook about the c2c blanket. I was having a hard time getting my blanket to work up like the pictures that were posted. I got frustrated, did the first step in my method of not being defeated. That did not work for me this time. Every time I looked at this project, I would get upset and frustrated that I wasn’t catching on to something that seemed so simple. So, I began looking that the internet. I looked at several sites and decided that apparently just reading the pattern wasn’t going to help me this time. I turned to YouTube. I found a video of a very sweet woman explaining exactly how she made her c2c blanket. Oh, c2c, means corner to corner. After all of that frustration, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong and was able to correct the issue. Thanks to the amazing yarn that I had, I was able to make a beautiful blanket.

The c2c blanket pattern is now one of my go to patterns for turning out a beautiful quick blanket. It was not a matter of skill, it was a matter of understanding. Sometimes, as hard as it may be for some of us to admit, we require a bit more assistance than just a pattern or picture to get the project together. That’s what I certainly needed with this project.

If those two steps fail, there is a suggestion for a last resort. Take a moment, as long as you need, to rethink the project. If it is crochet, was this pattern written specifically for a lefty and you’re a righty? Are you using the same weight yarn? Did you skip the step of working a swatch? Run through these questions to yourself and see if the problem is in the material that you are working with. When you have eliminated those possibilities, ask yourself why you picked this project. If it is for no other reason than it’s pretty, reconsider the purpose you have for this finished project.

I would strongly suggest that you never work on a project simply for money, or just because someone asked you to. I have put myself in that predicament before and learned quickly that, that benefits no one. I wasn’t happy with working on the project and I found myself aggravated with the person that asked me to do it. You won’t put the same amount of love into something that you don’t like. That is just a fact. Have passion for what you do, don’t let others dictate your crafting and don’t let projects dictate your happiness. Stick with the things you love and if you feel the urge to find something new, let it be a hundred percent your choice. Go at that new project or craft with all your heart.

I truly hope this topic today has helped you and I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, feel free to give this a like or comment below. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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