Gift Giving Tuesday!

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

It is an absolutely beautiful day here in Florida. It also flippin’ hotter than homemade sin, as my mama would say. Today, I would like to talk about giving my crafts as gifts.

More often than not, when I make something, it is a gift. It is very rare for me to make things that are for my house or myself. Sometimes,I start a project that I think is going to be for me, only to realize during prayer or my Bible study that God started me on that project for someone else. I have made many blankets with the thought that they were for me and someone dear to me loses a loved one or has a fantastic thing happen in their life that I feel giving them the blanket instead of keeping it is far better.

How I present these gifts is quite important to me. I try not to go typical in giving gifts. I typically don’t buy regular gift bags at the store and just shove the blanket or project inside. I have a few different ways of giving these handmade, heartmade gifts.

If I am giving a blanket and I am unfortunately not able to give it to them in person, I have a couple ways of wrapping the gift. One way, I get a bag made out of butcher paper and I make my own design using my stamps. This makes the bag completely unique, no one else in the entire world will receive a bag like that one. Then I carefully fold my blanket and tie ribbon around it and put in the bag, nice pretty bow up. After that, I add tons of tissue paper, probably far more than necessary. There’s never too much tissue paper right? The other popular way is if I am having to mail the blanket. I typically get a box that is just a bit bigger than I need so I can have room to protect and decorate my gift. I gently fold the blanket and again wrap it with pretty ribbon. Then I layer the bottom of the box with tissue paper and lay the blanket, pretty bow on top. On top of that is more tissue paper and a pretty card to top off the gift. As it is frowned upon at my local post office to decorate the box on the outside, I grudgingly address the box and pay my shipping and off it goes.

Another way that I love giving heartmade presents is using one of my favorite things, baskets. Now, I don’t just give the gift wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon shoved in a basket. That is most definitely not how this KraftaholicMommy works. I get other treats, hot chocolate, chocolates, or bath stuff and I decorate the basket as well. I never just give the gift simply, like I would if I bought a toy for one of the nieces or nephews. I like for my gifts to have meaning from the project itself to the way it is given.

There is nothing more special in this world than giving a gift that is heartmade. The person receiving the present will appreciate it more and you will be more honored to give it. I love seeing their face the second they see the wrapping, box, or basket just as much as I love seeing their face when they see the actual project.

If you are not doing that with your heartmade gifts, try it. I promise you will love giving the gift more.

Another topic I would like to touch on in this post is, how I treat situations where the person does not like my gift. It happens and I know when you work so hard on something and the person doesn’t like, it can be very heartbreaking. However, I try not to do the first thing that comes to mind. I think it would not be conducive to slap the fire out of someone. I simply apologize for giving them something they do not care for and offer to take the gift back and try again with something else. If that doesn’t appease them, then I go to option B. I simply tell them that again, I am sorry for not meeting their expectations of gift giving and that I will pray for them. There will be a person from time to time that thinks something quite horrible about a gift I make, but I, nor you, can please absolutely every person in our lives.

On to something far more happy. The Facebook page KraftaholicMommy is on Facebook y’all. Swing by the page and give it a like and a follow. This Sunday, February 25th, at 4pm EST, I will be doing another Facebook Live, so bring your questions and I will hopefully has as many answers as possible. I am looking forward to us having a good time and enjoying crafting together awhile. Take a look at yesterday’s post if you haven’t already to see what I will be working on.

As always, if you liked today’s post, feel free to give this post a like or just comment down below. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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