Dealer Sunday- Michaels

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

I know yesterday I said I would not be posting today, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to share at least a little something with you all today.

So, I was thinking today (Saturday) about what I could do for a Sunday blog. Something I could write with ease and have ready for automatic posting Sunday mornings. I would truly love to post every single day. That’s when I thought I could post each Sunday a generalized review of my favorite stores. We can call it, Dealer Sunday. After all, we are all addicts here right? Kraftaholics.

Today, I would love to talk about Michael’s. I was just in Michael’s on Friday, so they are completely fresh in my mind. Now, something most people don’t realize about Michael’s is the fact that they are not just a chain store through out the United States and Canada. They have a sister store, Aaron Brothers. There are also several other smaller stores that are also owned by Michaels owners. Now, that some cool facts are out of the way, let us begin.

Friday, I went to my local Michaels and boy did they deliver. First off, I only went in for two things. Mod Podge Matte, and their photo transfer. Oh boy, a hint has been given for tomorrow’s post. What did I come out with? Just about everything for the project! Thank you Michaels! I swear, I can never go in a store and just buy what I need and only what I need. By that statement, my husband was going to be the one to make the rest of the things that I needed, but I loved what I saw at Michaels so much that I bought that. Of course, I will happily tell my husband that I saved him time and energy to make him feel good and for the most part that is true. I also get to have a really cool project and I get to be excited for nearly three months before I give this awesome gift to the person it is intended for.

I love that I can go into just about any Michaels and I can find everything I need with ease, because they set them all up just about the same way. I also love that I am able to go in and feel like I am appreciated, even if I walk out with nothing. HAHAHA I always walk out with at least a little something from Michaels. They have so many cute things that help get the creative juices flowing for even more projects than what I am currently working on, which I love!

In the name of constructive criticism, I do not mean this next part as anything horrendous and by no means does this keep me from shopping at Michaels. I do not particularly care for how small a section this particular Michaels has for yarn. They carry some amazing yarns, like my Caron Simply Soft, however, it isn’t much. They also don’t have all that wide of a selection of stamps in store. However, to remedy both, you can shop online with Michaels and they have a much bigger selection there.

When I shop at Michaels, it is usually more for my other crafts, than my crocheting or paper crafts. Unlike other stores, Michaels keeps a fantastic stock of several things I use quite frequently. Flowers and Mod Podge. Their selection of vases for my flower arrangements is amazing. When I decide it is time to make up another flower arrangement, I have in mind what kind of arrangement I would like to do. Whether it is more of a southern, spring, or country kind of arrangement, Michaels almost always has a vase that reflects that. So, I always pick my vases first. Having the vase in hand as I walk through the flowers helps me get a better picture of what my arrangement is going to look like. From there, I go nuts on buying flowers and rush through the checkout line so I can tell my husband I got my “script.”

You see, when I go to these craft stores, my husband doesn’t call them stores. He tells me that I am visiting my dealers, hence, Dealer Sunday. I tell him that I get prescriptions, he calls them receipts. We got our own fun way of talking stores together. I call his hardware stores, his toy stores. Oh how I love the banter we have.

Back to Michaels, whether you are shopping for decorative pieces, or the supplies to make your own, they have it all. Seeing all of the beautiful things they carry is most definitely inspiring. I am, one hundred percent for sure, in a relationship with Michaels. The staff at Michaels, let me tell you! They are generally, some of the most sweet people in the world, at least at my local Michaels. Comment below how your Michaels store treats ya, I would love to know.

That is all I have for today y’all. As always, if you enjoyed today’s post, give it a like or let me know down in the comments. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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