She Said What?!?!?

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

How are you guys and gals doing today? It is a beautiful Florida day where I am at and I am loving it. It is the kind of day where I would love to just grab my current crochet project, sit down outside in a comfy chair and crochet the day away. So, I seriously contemplated that for a good few hours today, while running errands. However, I had a little thought pop in my head that demanded I get on here and write a glorious blog. Here I am, I’ll give it go.

Have you ever noticed people’s reactions when they see you crocheting in public. It never ceases to make me laugh when they see a twenty-something year old lady sitting on a bench just hooking away. Most people just give an odd look, others compliment, and there are those people. The ones who ask what I am knitting, to which I always say that I am crocheting a (insert my current project) and I tell them that I am making it for a family member. Then the ones who say, “but you’re not old.” These folks always make me laugh. So, how do you respond to people who throw negativity your way for your crafting addiction?

My mama always said, “if you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say, don’t say at all.” Now, for the most part, I try to abide by that simple saying. I get that after hearing over and over how crafting is odd or for old folks or kids, you can get pretty annoyed. So, I have come up with some comebacks that would not cause me break my mama’s rule.

“You really knit?”

No, I certainly don’t knit, I am crocheting this fantastic blanket that will keep me warm and your heart will stay frozen for all of eternity.


I actually crochet, knitting is a whole other craft that I am still learning. Just like I have to learn every day that God gave me two gates that are suppose to keep my tongue in check.


Knitting is too hard, the voices in my head said Crochet is more my speed.

“But you’re not old.”

Wait, you know my real age?


Nope, just want to prepare for it, how am I doing? I think I am nailing it!

Gemma on Sons of Anarchy knits, she ain’t old and she is still a rocking chick. How is crochet any different?


I’m sorry, I just look young. I identify as 171 years old and I think I look fabulous for my age.

“What on earth are you doing?

I am playing with string like a cat, this blanket just started happening.


The art of Crochet began many years ago…at this point the person will generally walk off, shaking their head.


I thought I would prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.

“I bet your husband hates you going in a craft store.”

Not as much as I hate going into the hardware store.


Only on days that have “day” in them.


No, I told him he likes it.


I bet your wife hates when you open your mouth.

While these are funny comebacks, I would never in a million years say anything completely rude to someone. I always find it funny that people ask these questions and I usually respond with as much respect as I can muster. Now, I know today’s blog was not so much crafting, but not to fret my sweet, lovely people. Tomorrow is church, so no blog, I was actually considering doing a Facebook Live to talk with y’all a bit while I work on the project for Monday’s post. If you are interested in that, visit KraftaholicMommy on Facebook and make sure to like and follow so you can be notified when I go live. This has been something I have considered doing for a while now and since I have ranted about doing new things, I am going to follow through on that.

I hope you had a little bit of a laugh today with me and I look forward to reading your comments about your experiences with noncrafters. As always, if you enjoyed today’s blog give it a like or just let me know in the comments. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!!



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