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Thoughtful Wednesday

Hi! My name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy!

I always like to sit down and devote time before each writing session to figuring out what topic I want to discuss. This morning I tried doing that while my little man was running around his aunts house, screaming at the top of his lungs. So, thank you sweet boy for helping Mommy come up with today’s topic. Distractions!

We all have those days that we are craving, going nuts, wanting to craft and the world around us just doesn’t want to let that happen. It happens to me often these days. With church, family functions, tee ball, and everything in between I find it hard to be able to just sit down in my bubble and craft away. It can be quite frustrating at times and can most definitely discourage me. My crafting is my outlet for all of my frustrations and stresses in life, without it, I would be a much bigger lunatic than I already am.

I have over the past few years come up with ways to be able to do it all. I am not saying that it goes perfectly every time, but it works more often than not. First off, if we are having to go somewhere, I take my crafting with me. I will sit in the passenger seat of the car and I will crochet away while we drive to wherever we are going. While at our function, I am at that function. Meaning, I don’t bring the project in with me, I pour all of my focus on the event. I know that sometimes in the car ride over, I am going to have to put the project down and deal with a little crazy boy in the back seat screaming for his fruit snacks, or he dropped this toy that he just can’t live without this week. At least I am able to work on the craft while I can. On really long car rides, I love that I have the project because I am a bit of side seat driver. My husband I know, has got to get annoyed with me when he is driving and I am hitting my imaginary brake. Crochet on the go is my way to go.

Secondly, when life at home is not allowing me to craft, I send them outside. I simply come up with something, anything for them to do outside. That is though a rare occasion. More often than not, these boys of mine are outside getting filthy. My son is usually in the dirt playing and my husband is building or fixing something. I simply go in the house and work away on whatever project I want. One of the many amazing things about my husband is, he loves for me to craft. He also is such a sweetheart with making sure I am able to craft. When he is home, he happily takes our son outside or in another room so I can get my craft on.

Finally, if I am home with my munchkin and it just isn’t working out for me to be able to craft, I get him in the craft too. If I am paper crafting, I ask him to help me make cards. He will grab his paper and go to town. If that isn’t suiting his fancy, I do a scavenger hunt with him. While I am cutting paper, I will ask him to find me something in the house that matches the color of the paper. Or I will ask him to bring me a certain number of somethings. Not that I am trying to push away my munchkin, but sometimes, Mommy needs a cotton pickin’ minute. There is nothing worse than being so stressed out that you say something that hurts your munchkins feelings or you aren’t as there for your child as your child needs.

I brought this topic up, because while having this addiction is absolutely amazing, there is still a whole family and life out there. I love my crafting and could not imagine going a single day without doing at least a little crafting. I find though, for me, that I draw inspiration from the world around me. I have to have a bright, love filled environment to craft. Riding in the car listening to my husband and my son laughing at some silly dad joke or hearing them singing along with the radio always makes my heart sing and my crafting gets to be inspired by that as well.

When I am home alone, son in school, husband at work, I craft my heart out. I also write these blogs. When I am crafting completely alone, I use that time to talk to God. I talk to Him most when I am crocheting. I am able to focus on what is going on in life, what my plans look like, what goals I want to set for myself,and how to accomplish all of those things. The other day, I was crocheting away and I began thinking about this site. I know that I want to build this site and make it great job for myself. I also want this site to be a community of other crafters, where we can all get to know each other and inspire each other. So, as I leave you today, what are your ways of fighting distractions while crafting? What do you do to block out the distractions so you can craft? What inspires your crafting?

As always, if you liked today’s post let me know in the comments or give this post a like. Tomorrow we will be getting our review on with Review it Thursday. Hope to see y’all come back tomorrow. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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