Happy Happy Monday! Or Should I say Motivational Monday?

Hi, my name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy! I had a fantastic and beautiful weekend. I hope your weekend was just as awesome.

Today, I would love to talk about what I am currently working on. A lot! I went to JoAnn Fabrics and Craft and bought myself some amazing Caron Simply Soft yarn. Two colors, Berry Blue and Grape. Then I went to Walmart, and I bought a Boye ergonomic 4.25 mm hook, because in typical Alishia fashion, I cannot for the life of me find mine.

I have wanted to work on something for a long time that just intimidated me. So, every time I would start this project, I would wuss out and tell myself that I can’t do something so neat. Well, my Bible study brought something to my attention. Life is not going to be exciting if you always play it safe. So, I grabbed my trusty iPad and went to searching YouTube. I found Jonna Martinez’s channel and thumbed through her tutorials and found the pattern. Virus Blanket. I am not going to lie, it was intimidating seeing all of these beautiful pictures on Facebook of others doing these blankets. How else would I learn, if I didn’t even try?

I pressed play, with my hook and yarn in hand. I’m in love. Only four rows to remember to make this beautiful blanket. It looks like it is very complicated and detailed, but it is actually very simple and incredibly fun. When you have a little one running around the house, errands to run, and five million things to remember; it is hard, plain hard, to keep a pattern in mind. With Jonna’s pattern, it is extremely easy to remember what you are doing, even if you put the project down for a while.

I have not gotten far on the blanket, but what I have done so far is turning out amazing. I am by no means tooting my own horn. It is completely the pattern that this wonderful woman came up with that has this blanket looking gorgeous.

The yarn that I am using for this project. Caron, I love y’all! I have very sensitive skin and rough yarns are not my cup of tea. Caron Simply Soft, they know what they are doing for sure. I love how incredibly soft the yarn is. I love how easy it is to work with. You can do just about any pattern with that yarn and you are completely guaranteed to have a beautiful end result. The yarn also lasts. A lot of projects that I did when I first started crocheting was with other brands and those projects have since shown their wear and tear. The blankets, booties, and many other projects that I have made with Caron Simply Soft are still going strong. This is most definitely not an advertisement for Caron, I am not being paid to say these things, I just really love this yarn. If you haven’t already given them a try, do it, you won’t regret it.

As for my Boye hook, what crocheter doesn’t know Boye? Their hooks are the best. I love how easy they are on my wrist and hand and I love how they have some cute colors. There isn’t too much of a review for them as they are only going to work as well as the person holding them. I would suggest using their ergonomic hooks if you are like me and crochet for hours at a time or have hand issues like arthritis.

Trying new things can be scary and can definitely give you anxiety. However, how are you going to know if you like something, if you never try it? I live my life a stitch at a time and constantly asking God for forgiveness. I can’t imagine not giving new things a try in my wonderful planet of crafting addiction. I am not just talking about crafting either, try something new once a month. Go to that restaurant, go skydiving, try that new exercise, or even wear that outfit you think is beautiful just not for you. If you love it, you learned something new about yourself. If you don’t, then you can at least say you tried and not have any regrets.

There is a whole world out there that has so much to offer. We can’t simply sit in our bubbles and expect life to come to us.

Okay, okay, now that Motivational Speaker Alishia has stopped lecturing. I love this yarn, this hook, and this pattern. Give Jonna’s YouTube some love and watch her videos, she certainly has a ton. Also, go to my Facebook page, KraftaholicMommy and share your pictures of your wonderful crochet projects. I would love to see what you are all working on. If you liked today’s post, feel free to give the post a like. Comment down below what is your most memorable cease the day moment. I would love to read your experiences. Also, what is your favorite yarn.

That’s all I have for today y’all. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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