Paper, Paper, and Stamp Pads

Hi, my name is Alishia and I am a KraftaholicMommy. In the flow of the topic yesterday of the beginning of my addiction. I just wanted to come on here and give a little history as to the other main addiction in my life, paper.

I loved making cards and writing sweet letters for a long time. When I got pregnant, my mom was very excited to learn, I was going to have a boy. She was really excited to plan and throw the baby shower. We talked about the theme and next thing I know, she has enlisted the help of her amazing friend to decorate for the occasion. The day of the shower, I found my newest addiction.

The room was absolutely beautiful. My husband and I are pretty southern folks, so naturally, we wanted a Camouflage themed baby shower to match the camo room we were going to be giving our son. There were so many paper objects that looked so amazing. This friend of my moms was a stamper. She loves to make cards and make paper decorations for events. She did an amazing job with my baby shower. I could not be more grateful to her.

Of course at the time of this discovered craft, I was a little tied up and wouldn’t get around to truly falling in love with this craft until about three years later. One day, I was thumbing through Facebook when I saw some of the cards she had made for her loved ones. That got me wondering how in the world she made such beautiful things using paper and stamps. I got on the trusty YouTube and discovered several stampers and fell in love. I got my very own stamp pads, paper, and stamps that day. I have been making cards and other cool things ever since.

My crafting thrives on inspiration. I get inspired by so many amazing crafters. My moms friend is definitely one of those people. I also love Brandy Cox of Brandy’s Cards, Angie Juda of Chic’N Scratch, and Connie Stewart of Simply Simple Stamping. All of whom, you can find on YouTube. The inspiration I draw from them is incredible. Each one of these amazing ladies brings my crafting to a whole new level. I love using new techniques and new inks. I enjoy making cool little boxes to put little trinkets.

Currently, I am using a box designed by Angie Juda for my son’s school Valentine’s Day party. Once I get the boxes finished, I will be making a post on here and definitely linking her information. Her work on this box is so simple and so cute!

I have made many cards with measurements and layouts inspired by all of these crafters. I loved making every single card.

Where do you draw your inspiration? What keeps you testing and expanding your crafting skills?

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. If so, feel free to give this blog a like and comment down below. Until next time,

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!

The KraftaholicMommy


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