How I Became a KraftaholicMommy

Hi, my name is Alishia, I am a KraftaholicMommy.

I am often asked what craft started my addiction. Well, this is a long and beautiful story.

Growing up, my family and I didn’t have much. What we had though was far more valuable than anything you could ever deposit in a bank account, love. My mom was the most amazing stay at home mommy. She would take us on walks around the park across from our house to find pine cones. We would bring them home and then decorate them in glitter or squirrel food/ birdseeds. My mom was amazing at letting us kids grow utilizing and honing our creativity. She was always supportive in teaching us about drawing and singing. I remember in church, we always did the most fun crafts to share with our church family.

As I grew up, my creativity got put into other aspects of life. I started playing musical instruments. However, the need to continue crafting with arts and craft materials never left me. It simply got put on hold. When I got into high school, I began teaching three and four years old children and then my addiction to crafting began to really take hold. I began paper crafting and writing. I started coloring and drawing more. I was never very good at drawing, but I sure still try…haha.

Fast forward a few years, I am working as the homework teacher at the local youth center. I am still crafting, just not as much. I got to help students with their homework and preparing for the Florida Standardized tests. On occasion, other staff would send students into my classroom with different forms of discipline (writing sentences or apology letters). Now, I got to noticing how a certain student was sent in my room quite often. She was kind of a loner and really seemed quite sad. After a whole lot of tries and different attempts to get this girl to open up and try to help her, I found my opening. As many of you can relate, when you are a crafter, you are always ready to learn a new craft. I walked into the library/ social center at the youth center and saw this student. She had an odd stick in her hand and some yarn, she was so focused. I walked up to her and asked her what she was doing. At first, she thought I was going to be like other staff and get on to her for doing something wrong, not my style. She realized what I meant and began talking to me about crochet.

That night, I got off of work and went straight to Walmart. I bought my first hook and skein of yarn. I worked my booty off trying to learn from her all that she knew. In the process, I got to know one of the most amazing people in the world. She is so thoughtful and has a heart of gold. It was nearly ten years ago that I found a new addiction, crochet. Now, this beautiful young lady has grown up and found a very sweet husband and had a beautiful little girl of her own. I could not be more proud of this girl.

Crochet became an outlet for me. Whenever I felt overwhelmed or felt my anxiety levels beginning to rise, I would grab my hook and yarn. I love crocheting. It truly is one of my biggest addictions. I would have never learned this craft if it wasn’t for that sweet young lady.

I have since learned more skills thanks to some of my favorite inspirations. You tubers and bloggers, that I found through social media really taught me some amazing and fun stitches and other crafts.

My major addiction to papercrafting is a story for another day…tomorrow. In the meantime, if you liked the blog topic for the day, feel free to give this post a like. Leave a comment letting us all know how you got into crafting and which craft is your biggest addiction.

Thank you and God Bless!

Happy Krafting!



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